What is LDR and How to Work it

What is LDR and How to Work it

Here in this post, I will explain to you What is LDR and How to work it. As well as I will explain everything about LDR. If you want total information about LDR, read this post very carefully till the end.

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What is LDR?

symbol of LDR
Symbol of LDR

LDR is a Light Dependent Resistor, which is used for switching purposes. When we make any kind of automatic light depending circuit and project, this LDR helps us to execute the project and the circuit.

How to work LDR

LDR working process

As usual, know the full form of LDR (Light Depended Resistor), So when any kind of light falls on the LDR, that time the LDR resistance capacity will increase (up to 1012 ) and stop current flow. For this type of action, we will see output voltage is off. It does not mean it was Sunlight or Artificial Light.

And when LDR stay in the dark place the voltage follow properly through the LDR.

It means when LDR stays in the light area it will act as an OFF condition. And when LDR stays in the dark are it will act as an ON condition.

Actually the LDR we use for switching purposes. You can also use the LDR for switching purposes. This is the meaning of what is LDR.

Application of LDR

There are lots of ways you can use LDR in you everyday life. I have explain in the below block about the application of LDR.

  1. You can use it for Switch Activating
  2. You can use LDR for Security Alarm
  3. The LDR you can use for Brightness indication
  4. You can use LDR for Optical coding
  5. The LDR you can use in your Garden Light
  6. In the camera light meter also you can use the LDR
  7. In the Flash Control section also you can use the LDR
  8. For Auto-Brightness flash yu can use this LDR
  9. It is used in the Street Light for automatic ON-OFF purpose
  10. In the Night security light also use LDR.

Range of LDR

characteristic of LDR

The maximum range of LDR is 1012 Ω. When light fall increase on the LDR the resistance will increase and when light falling decrease on the LDR the resistance will decrease.

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FAQ About What is LDR

How does a LDR work?

The LDR work only in two condition. One is in the light condition and the other one is in the dark condition. For more information read this post.

What are the advantages of LDR?

The main advantage of LDR is the automatic ON-OFF features. To get more information about LDR read this post very carefully.

How is an LDR connected in a circuit?

Most of the time LDR use for getting the signal when light falls on the LDR and getting signal when don’t fall any light on the LDR. For more information visit our post.

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