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Hi, guys Today I will give you China LCD LED Service Code Free Download which I use to fix service problems. If you are an Electronics technician, This site is for you. And if you want to get your TV service menu code this article is for you.

So I want to tell you before giving you a china TV service menu code with a pdf file. Here I share my repairing knowledge which I achieve from more the last 3 years. I have shared my many repairing knowledge on this blog and on my YouTube channel.

If you want to read my LCD LED TV repairing article click here. And If you want to watch my repairing video tutorials click here and start learning to repair.

There have lots of LCD LED TV models with different board numbers. And every board has a different service menu code.

Here I share some service menu codes only for the sample. if you need some different TV company service menu code simply click on the below topic.

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Samsung TV Service Menu Code

Sony TV Service Menu Code

Sansui TV Service Menu Code

LG TV Service Menu Code

Onida TV Service Menu Code

Videocon TV Service Menu Code

All the above company service menu codes I update on this site very soon. So If you want to download the china TV service menu code pdf file click on the below. China LCD LED Service Code Free Download from this site.

All Assembled LCD/LED TV Service menu code free download

Menu 1147

Menu 1150

Menu 1167

Menu 1185

Menu 1187

Menu 1197

Menu 1199

Menu 1950

Menu 1973

Menu 1999

Menu 2008

Menu 2383

Menu 2387

Menu 2508

Menu 2580

Menu 2588

Menu 2611

Menu 2880

Menu 2888

Menu 0000

Menu 208

Menu 0101

Menu 710

Menu 1234

Menu 4711

Menu 4725

Menu 5880

Menu 6181

Menu 7050

Menu 7168

Menu 7343

Menu 7710

Menu 8093

Menu 8500

Menu 8202

Menu 8893

Menu 8896

Menu 9301

Menu 9380

Menu 9385

Menu 9527

Menu 9735

Menu 9883

Input 1147

Input 2580

Input 0000

Input 208

Source/Input 308

Input 3195

Source 0000

Source 2283

source 2285

Source 2580

Source 2583

Source 258

Source 2587

Source 3137

Source 3138

Source 3195

Source 6483

Source 7343

Mute 6483

China LCD LED Service Code Free Download

Download PDF File

For your kind information If you need any LCD LED TV software file simply click here. And If you need any tv service menu code feel free to comment down below. I will give you that service menu code that you will need.

If you do not have service menu knowledge, do not try by yourself. First of all, learn the uses of the service menu and after that try on your TV. China LCD LED Service Code Free Download.

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