Digital Set-top Box AV Problem repairing Technique step by step

Set-top Box AV Problem repairing

Hello, guys today in this post I will tell you about Digital Set-top Box AV Problem repairing Technique. If you want to learn about the AV problem of Digital set to box you are in the right place.

Here I will give you my secret set-top box AV problem repairing technique, Which I use during repairing the Set-Top Box.

I will share my personal experiences of Set-top box AV problem repairing with you. Which experiences I was gain during repairing, all the experiences shared with you through this website. Just you have to read very carefully first and after that, you can apply to repair your set-top box.

Set-top Box AV Problem repairing Technique

First Step: To repair the AV problem of Set Top Box check all the components very carefully for internal damage or burn. if you get any components damage replace those components with a new one, or bypass if possible. many times many components we bypass through the jumper and it was work very well. So if the damaged parts are possible to bypass do that without any hesitation.

Second Spet: In the second step you have to check for the Dry circuit or Dry soldering. Many times we get dry soldering in the circuit. Because of Dry circuit or Dry soldering the connection of electronics getting breaks and is not able to flow the signals or voltage. This is also a very big problem we get in the electronics circuit.

electronics circuit dry

In the set-top box AV output jack getting this problem most of the time. So check the set-top box AV output jack once if you get an AV problem in your STB device. And you see the AV output jack getting Dry just resolder it.

Third Step: In this third step you have to reflash the flash IC. Many times BIOS programs getting corrupted at that time you have to reflash the BIOS IC with the same firmware. you can replace the BIOS IC also for checking purposes. If you need any Set-top box firmware just comment on the model number of your SET TOP BOX. I will upload your STB firmware as soon as possible.

Message: So this is the process and the technique of fix or repair Set Top Box AV problem. Still, if you have any questions and queries in your mind just drop id on the below comment box. I will try to fix your problem through the replay. And to get the latest information about electronics repairing you can join our telegram group, Link provided in the below.

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FAQ of Digital Set-top Box AV Problem repairing

Set Top Box Repair near me?

If you get any problem in your set top box you can come to our service center. And if you belong from another city or state you can send us your set to box through the courier. After the repair you set top we will send you set top box through the courier. To complete this process you can contact us through this email

Set top box repairing process

Here in this post, I have explained three different techniques of set-to-box AV problem repairing. If you want those repairing technique read this post very carefully and repair you set top box av problem.

Set Top box Repairing Shop near me

If you finding a shop for set top box repairing then attention to this question. If you any shop near you to repair set top box go there and repair your box. But if you did not get any shop to repair set top box near you, then you can send us your STB through courier. After repair, we will send your box. You can contact us through this email

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