How to print mobile photo using 3D Printer full guide

print mobile photo using 3D Printer

Hello, guys today in this post I will tell you how you can print mobile photo using 3d printer. If you want to know the full process of print 2d picture in 3D printer then this article is for you.

Before I tell you the main point of this printing process of a 3D printer, I would like to explain in detail for better understanding.

Most people do not know about the 3D file format like

  • .STL
  • .OBJ
  • .FBX
  • .DAE
  • .3DS
  • .IGES
  • .STEP

All of these is the popular 3D file format. this means these are the extension file name of the 3D model.

But our 3d printer dies not able to print this file format directly. To print any 3D designed model with a 3D printer first of all you have to convert the 3D file format(Which I mentioned in the above) into gcode.

We have use slice software like CURA to convert 3D file format into gcode. Many 3D Printer manufacturing company have their own slice software like reality slicer. It depends on you which slicer software you will use.

Print mobile photo using 3D Printer Step by Step guide

First Step: Th first step is to select a clear picture that you want to print using a 3D printer, which you have taken using your mobile phone.

Second Step: Now you have to open an online tool that converts your mobile 2d picture into a 3D model. This tool helps you to convert your jpg, jpeg, png file into the STL file. STL is the 3D model format.

Uploaded your picture on this site and convert your 2d picture into 3D format and download the 3D file. I have made a video tutorial on How to convert 2D pictures into 3D models. If you want to watch that video click here and watch.

Third Step: After download the 3D file from the online 2D to 3D converting tool, you have to slice that file using slicer software and save the slice file into the SD card as gcode.

Fourth Site: Now insert your SD card into your 3D printer and start printing.

Job Is Done

Still if you have any question about this topic just comment down below I will replay you as soon as possible.

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