TL866II Plus Programmer Update Software Download for Free 2024

TL866II Plus Programmer Update Software

TL866II Plus Programmer is an advanced version of TL866CS and TL866A  Programmer along with much higher speed and capacity. So today here in this post I will give you the TL866II Plus Programmer Update Software Downloading link.

It is a well-designed and budget-friendly programmer with amazing features like ultra-small code, unified user interface, etc.

If you are searching for TL866II Plus Universal Programmer Software with updated version then you are at the right place.

In this article, I have provided you information about TL866II Plus Universal Programmer Update Software with step by step explanation to download it.

So continue reading this post carefully to download your software.

This software is considered a highly usable Programmer by every Maker, Electronics Student, Pixel LED Business Man including me.

You have to buy this programmer before downloading software from this post.

After purchasing, I will provide you with a link to download this software for your PC or computer.

Later you have to come back on this site to download the exe file for program write chip.

Features Of TL866II Plus Universal Programmer

Model: TL866II Plus

USB Interface: Build in MCU, High USB Capacity with 12 Mbps communication speed

Power Consumption: ultra low power chip, power consumption less that 65 mA

Universal Pin: 40pin ZIF Socket, support fast mode SPI, Fully automatic

Language Support: English


Chip Support: 15000+ range of chip support for serial and parallel series

Portable Performance: suits for portable applications like BIOS Refreshing, satellite devices, xBox, airbag reset, PIC/MCD development, latest laptop technology, etc.

Programmable Programming Power Supply: Programmable VCC-1.8V to 6.5V,

VPP:1.8V to 18V and 4 Level Current Protection

Packaging With TL866II Plus Programmer

Here is list of components that you will get while purchasing this Programmer:

•TL866II Plus Programmer: 1

• USB Cable: 1

• Adapters :10

• ICSP Cable (6 Pins): 1

• Serial Peripheral Interface Flash Adapter: 1*25

•SOIC8 SMD Programming/ Testing Clip: 1

•Pin Jumper Cables:1*8

•Pin Head -1

TL866II Plus Programmer Update Software Download Process From Google

This program supports wide varieties of  around 15000+ chip. It provides the strongest 4 level current protection and has low power Consumption.

You must remember that the Decrypt software can’t be directly run on another same type of chip.

For Downloading TL866II Plus Universal Programmer Update Software for Free, you have to get the download link which is present at the end of this post.

Click here to download TL866II Plus Universal Programmer application link from here for Windows operating system.

Feel free to ask If you have any queries or doubt regarding this using contract form or  through Social Media links.

If you get any message Oops! Message, Don’t worry just simply click on Download.

Click here to download TL866II Plus Programmer Update Software

Download Software

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