CH341A Module Review with update software

CH341A Module

CV341A Module is a USB EEPROM flashing programmer is a very popular programmer because of the price. So today I am going to discuss about How you can use this CH341A Module. Also I will give you operating software free download link of this USB programmer.

This CH341A USB programmer is an SMD package flashing module. Which is you can get from offline and online market very easily. Price of this programmer change frequently with US dollar price. When I write this article this time the price of this programmer ₹200 to ₹350 Indian rupees I online market. CH341A Module Software download from this site.

For your kind information read this block very carefully. Here I share all types of electronics repairing articles. If you are an electronics technician or you want to become a professional electronics technician this site will help you. CH341A Module software download from this site.

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About this CH341A Module

This CH341A USB bios programmer you can use for flash motherboard BIOS CHIP. This is an old model bios programmer that’s why this programmer does support some selected bios chip.

This programmer only supports 25 series EEPROM flash chip and 24 SPI flash chip with 8pins and 16pins chip.

If you want to flash 25 series EEPROM IC and 24 series SPI flash chip. This programming module will help you to complete your flashing work. This programmer does support all Windows operating systems. If you have Linux or MAC os this programmer does not support your system.

How to Download CH341A Module Update software

Follow the below step to download the update software of the CH341A mini USB Bios programmer. I provide a download link in the last step.

First Step: First of all click on the Download link which I provided in the below of this block with bold font.

Second Step: After click on the Download link new page will be open on your device screen and you will see Free Download Option.

Third Step: Now you have to wail 30sec and check the security box and click on the GENERATE DOWNLOAD LINK.

Final Step: In this stage you just have to do click on the “CLICK ON THE DOWNLOAD” button. The software will start downloading.

For Download CH341A USB Bios Programmer latest version update software Click Here⇓

Support Chip List Provided in the below table


A25L05P A25L10P A25L20P
A25L40P A25L80P A25L16P


AT25DF041A AT25DF321 AT25F004
AT25F512A AT25F2048 AT25F4096
AT25F1024A AT25FS010 AT26DF081A
AT26DF16A AT26DF321 AT26F004


W25P10 W25X10 W25Q10 W25QP20
W25X20 W25Q20 W25P40 W25X40
W25Q40 W25P80 W25X80 W25P80
W25Q80 W25P16 W25X16 W25Q16
W25P32 W25P64 W25X64  


NX25P80 NX25P16 NX25P32

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