How to Repair Dead LED TV

Repair Dead LED TV

Hi, guys, this article is only about How to repair Dead LED TV with step by step process. If you want to learn and fix yourself dead LCD LED TV read this article. This article will help you to fix the dead TV problem.

All technicians get 90% time in dead positions for repairing. If you are an LCD LED technician you also get this problem maximum time for repair. This dead problem we get many different ways in LCD LED TV. And also have many different processes to repair and fix this problem.

Why we get Dead problems on TV?

The Dead problem we get from a different location in different ways. I will discuss all the sources where we will get a dead problem on LCD LED TV.

Power Cord Failure: This is the first source to get the dead problem on LCD LED TV, even all the electronics gadgets dead problem we get because of power cord failure. I am not telling you this is the only source for getting dead problem but I tell you this is the first source for this dead problem.

Power Supply Failure: This is the second source to get dead problem on LCD LED TV. Whenever any LCD LED TV comes in my repairing service center or in my LAB, I get a 90% time dead problem with power supply failure.

I have already written and published a powerful article about How you can repair an LCD LED TV power supply. If you want to read this article click here for reading.

Power Supply is the main source where we get maximum dead related fault in any kind of electronic gadgets. This is the only site where you can get all the electronics gadgets repairing articles for free of cost.

Motherboard Failure: This is the last source to get dead problem on LCD LED TV. Because the inside LCD LED has only four sections. The first section is the mail body with a power core. The second section is the power supply. The third section is the main motherboard and the last section is a panel with backlight. And we get dead problems from the first 3 sections. 

Dead LED TV repairing Process

To repair and fix dead TV problems, first of all, you have to find out the main source of failure. If you did not know the failure finding process, follow the above information.

After finding the main source of failure, Now follow the below steps to fix the dead problem in your TV.

All the below repairing steps I write depends on the above source of failure. So make sure you read above information very carefully.

First Step: If you get damage and lose connection power cable after checking, replace that power cable with a new one. If the power cable is OK follow the 2nd step.

Second Step: This step totally depends on the power supply. I already post a power supply repairing related article on this site. So it will be better for you to go there and read that article and learn how to repair an LCD LED TV power supply. Click here to read that power supply repairing post.

Third Step: In this 3rd step you have to check the main motherboard.

  • First of all check the short circuit in the entire motherboard. If you get short in any places on the motherboard, remove that short using short circuit removing process.
  • Then check all the normal power supply. If you get any voltage is missing, you have to provide that voltage doing the modification.
  • After check all the voltages and get all are OK, but still in a dead position flash the bios is your dead will be gone from your TV. For know-how to flash the bios IC click here.

Disclaimer: This declaimer is for all of you. If you do not have any kind of electronics and LCD LED related knowledge don’t try this by yourself at your home. If anything happens wrong with you, totally you will be responsible for that.

If you want to learn LCD LED Repairing Practical tutorials click here and start learning.

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