Power Supply Repairing Hidden Technique of LCD LED TV

Power Supply Repairing Technique

LED tv power supply

Power supply is the most important thing to operate any kind of electronics appliances. There have many techniques and processes of repairing power supply, but I will tell you those techniques which I already apply in the field and repair power supply successfully.

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Problem we get in the LCD LED TV PSU

Firstly identify the problem doing the checking. There are various types of problems we get in the TV PSU. Some problems I discuss in the below.

  • Dead, means No output and no response on output.
  • Missing particular voltage.
  • Voltage fluctuation.
  • Shorting in the primary section.
  • Secondary section shorting.
  • Main Capacitor Blast and weak.
  • STR Mosfet error.
  • Blast STR IC.

These are the common fault which we get in the LCD LED TV. Now I will tell you how you can fix this type of fault very easily. I already repair many power supply board. If you want to watch my PSU repairing video click here and learn how I repair power supply and fix the TV.

Repairing Process

  • DEAD: For dead power supply repairing first of all you have to check all the components. Mostly PSU getting dead when some components getting overheating or burn. Find the bad components and replace them with a new one. Especially mostly time we get a fault in the main STR Transistor which use for voltage switching. And lastly you have to check the feedback Schottky diode. Many times this diode also getting overheat and burn, after that stop the voltage flow. for more information click here.
  • Missing Particular Voltage: When you get some specific particular voltage is missing in the PSU, you have to check that track. For example from PSU we get many values voltage like 5v, 3.3v, 12v, 24v. If any of this voltage is missing in the LCD LED power supply, check that particular voltage which you not getting from PSU. This type of specific voltage missing problem you fix very easily if you know about tracing the track. Mostly I fixed this type of problem by doing to replace the capacitor and transistor and voltage regulator replacing.
  • Voltage Fluctuation: This means the output voltage is not stable and not pure DC. To repair this type of fault you have to check the voltage rectification section. Firstly check the main primary section capacitor. Seeing such a rectification problem for this fault. This type of problem also arises because the capacitor is weak. If the capacitor is getting weak simply replace that capacitor. Your LCD LED TV Power supply fluctuation problem will be fixed.

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  • Shorting in Primary and Secondary Section: It is very simple to fix this type of shorting problem. Only you have to find out the sorting components and replace them with a new one. That’s it your power supply will be fixed.
  • Main Capacitor Blast and weak: High voltage damage in LCD LED power supply is that blast the main capacitor or blast the main STR Transistor. When you open the TV first you will see the capacitor is a blast. This problem only gets when a huge amount of voltage will flow in the circuit. For repairing this problem first change the fuse and capacitor. Before the test the circuit also checks the STR Transistor. Many times STR also effected by the overvoltage input signal.
  • STR Mosfet error: This is most getting a problem in the LCD LED power supply. If you get 10 Dead LED TV for repairing, 6 will be the STR error problem. In my 3 years of repairing experience I have repaired 100+ STR transistor failure. I share my STR repairing and bypassing video footage on my YouTube channel. If you want to watch those videos simply click here and start watching.  

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