What is AVDD Voltage in LED panels full Explain

What is AVDD Voltage

Welcome again guys’ today is this post I will tell you what is AVDD voltage in TV panel. if you want to know the all information about panel AVDD voltage read this post till the end.

Here I will share all the LCD LED repairing techniques, which I achieve from my repairing experience. You will get all the electronics information and electronics gadgets repairing information for free of cost.

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What is AVDD Voltage

AVDD voltage means Analog Power Supply voltage. you can call it full form of AVDD voltage. This is the most common voltage in any kind of LCD LED TV panel. And you will face many kinds of panel problems. panel problems like No Display Problem, No picture problem even you will get a Blank Display problem and Negative picture problem.

I have already written a complete article on the all LCD LED TV panel voltage. if you want to read that post just click on the below-highlighted topic and read all the information about TV panel voltage.

Panel DC to DC IC All Voltage Explain

Voltage value of AVDD Voltage

We will get 10v to 20v DC voltage in most of the LCD LED TV panels. This means the minimum value of AVDD voltage is 10v and the maximum value of AVDD voltage is 20v.

So if you get AVDD voltage less then 10v and more then 20v this means your circuit is not working properly. And you have to fix the problem as well as the voltage also.

Others name of AVDD voltage

This voltage have lots of different name in the different company LCD LED TV panel. Now I am going to tell you the other name of this AVDD panel voltage.

  • AVDD
  • VDDA
  • VSA
  • HVAA

These are the other name of the AVDD panel voltage. If in your panel do not have the AVDD voltage measurement point then you have to find out these voltage measurement points. The voltage value similar to the AVDD voltage.

I hope you get your information properly about What is AVDD Voltage here. And now if you have any kind of questions and queries about What is AVDD Voltage, feel free to comment down below I will replay you within two days.

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