LCD/LED TV Panel Burning Repairing

LCD LED TV Panel Burning Repairing

burn display
Burning Display

The burning problem is major problem of LCD LED TV panel. So today I decided to tell you about how to repair and fix the panel burning problem of any LCD LED TV panel. If you want to know more about fixing and repair panel burning display then read this article very carefully. Also you can watch our video tutorial on YouTube channel free of cost. YouTube channel link provided below of this article. And if you want to watch a video tutorial of panel burning problem repairing then click here to watch.

Hay are you a Technician? If you are Congratulations. Here you can get all the repairing information. Whatever you are, If you want to become a Technician, click here and learn to repair technique.

Why we face panel burning problem

There have many causes to get a panel burning problem in LCD LED TV or monitor. I will discuss in detail please read carefully the full article and comment down below what you expect from this blog.

❋Fast of all I want to tell you when any LCD LED TV continuously running many days. During that time LVDS cable getting heat and lose the LVDS connector. Also many times LVDS signals jack getting lose and if LVDS connection or any signals do not flow to the panel that time. You will face a burning problem.

❋ Secondly if you change the motherboard of any LCD LED TV or Monitor and can not connect LVDS signals cable with the panel LVDS Jack. That time also you will get a burning problem.

❋ Thirdly unfortunately if you enable burning mode with the help of TV remote then also get a burning display problem.

If you want to see the burning display problem then click here and watch that situation. And have many steps to fix and repair the burning display problem, all the processes I will tell you in this article. If you really want to repair and fix the burning display problem then follow the below steps very carefully.

Burning Display Fixing Steps

✱ 1st Step: If you face Burning Display problem the first you have to do press the power button and hold almost 15 sec to 20 sec. If your TV getting fixed then enjoy and if not fixed then apply 2nd step very carefully.

     ✱ 2nd Step: In this step If your TV can not be fixed using the first step then you have to check the LVDS cable. And if you get any type of ribbon or moisture then you have to clean that. if that not possible to clean then replace the LVDS cable with the new one. make sure LVDS cable be the same.

     ✱ 3rd Step: If your TV not repaired and fix with the help of 1st and 2nd step then you have to do flash the EEPROM IC. which is also known as BIOS IC and Program IC.

      If you have knowledge about how to flash programming IC then you can do it your self. And if you do not have knowledge about how to flash software in LCD LED TV then avoid it by your self. Otherwise, your TV will be damaged permanently.

      I want to request you do not try 3rd step by yourself. Go to the nearest repairing center and do repair by a good technician.

Disclaimer: I have 3 Years of Experience in an LCD LED TV repairing field. And the above information which I shared all this information Achieve and learn from my experience. So if you try to fix the Burning display problem by yourself then at first learn about it what you can do. If you do fixing problems without knowing everything about it and getting negative results or something wrong with you or with your device then you will be responsible for that. 

✉️ Message: If you want to learn how to repair LCD LED TV then go to YouTube and search Dip Electronics LAB and open an LCD LED TV repairing training Playlist there have almost 80 videos about LCD LED TV repairing with practical.

Some Sample of Burning Panel

As usual I already told you what is the panel burning problem and related information about it. So if you want to watch practical videos on how to fix and repair panel burning problems click here and watch.

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