LCD LED TV ALL IC Identification

LCD LED TV ALL IC Identification


Hello, guys welcome to Dip Electronics LAB. After reading this article you can easily find out any kind of IC. As you can see above picture some ICs highlighted by for explaining to you. After reading this article you will know all such think.

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Identification of LCD LED TV IC

Now I am going to discuss and tell you how you can identify which ic implement for which work. For more more information read the below passage.

1. Microprocessor (Main IC):

LED TV main ic
LED TV Main IC (Microprocessor)

This IC implements the TV motherboard to control the entire board doing command and data transfer. Microprocessors also work for helping graphic generating. The location of this IC is the center of the motherboard. Cause of placing this IC center of the motherboard is that the information can be exchanged between the whole board.

IF this IC getting bad, your TV will be to the dead position. You will have only two ways to repair this problem. One change the IC and place a new one. Another way is that you have to do to replace the whole motherboard.

2. RAM IC (Random Access Memory)

Led tv ram ic

RAM is the memory of the electronics gadgets. This IC considers random access because RAM can read and write and access directly. In LCD LED TV have higher RAM your TV will be higher faster and reliable. If you have lower RAM your TV will be getting stuck and will be very slow in the process.

The location of this IC is near Microprocessor. You will get this IC different and different pins on different boards. Stuck in boot and getting slow your TV if RAM IC getting defect.

3. ROM IC (Read-Only Memory)

led tv rom IC

In every LCD LED TV must have a ROM IC which IC also known as programmable IC. You can change the ROM using a Bios programmer. If you want to change your TV panel with different resolution then you have to able to change the resolution. 

The location of this is nearest to the main IC. Maximum time we get this IC with 8 pins in the latest normal TV board. 

4. Audio IC

led tv audio ic

Firstly I would like to tell you Audio IC must be needed in the all-LCD/LED TV. Secondly using this IC we are listening to the sound. All are you guys know about Audio IC very deeply. This IC uses to control the sound-related function. Sound IC converts convert an electrical signal to a sound signal. Very easy to identify sound-related fault in any kind of television. This IC appears nearest to the speaker connector. Very easily available all types of Speakers in the local market. So don’t think negatively.

5. 8 Pins Mosfet IC

led tv 8 pins mosfet

All are you know in every single television has many number of 8 pin Mosfet IC which is work for signal switching. Signal switching will be stopped on your TV and your TV function. You will face many small problems. And it’s very difficult to find out MOSFET related fault. Don’t worry I will tell you how you can find out Mosfet related fault in LCD LED TV.

Signal missing problem, TV hanging problem, Abnormal panel picture. This type of fault you will get on the Television for bad Mosfet.

6. Voltage Regulator

led tv voltage regulator
LED TV Voltage Regulator

Voltage regulator is the only IC which use in every electronics circuit where you need to drop the voltage. This IC is the most common IC in every single television because this is the Some Example I will tell you in the below table.

SL No IC Number IC Value
1 AMS 1117 1.2 1.2v
2 AMS 1117 1.8 1.8v
3 AMS 1117 T33 3.3v
4 AMS 1117 5.0 5v

These all are common Linear voltage regulators. You can replace any voltage regulator with the new one according to the voltage value.

Well guys In the above I discuss about most common IC which use in every single LCD LED Television. But till now if you have any kind of confusion about this post comment down below. And watch my video content on this topic by clicking here.

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