How to get COF IC Datasheet for free

How to get COF IC Datasheet

COF IC datasheet

In this post I will give you COF IC Datasheet download link for free. COF IC is the only IC that connects TV PANEL with the T-CON board physically. SO today in this article I will explain full information about COF IC and also tell you how to get and download COF IC datasheet. If you want to know the process of COF IC downloading, read this article very carefully.

You can not COF IC data from the official site of any number COF IC. You already know about me and here I’ll give you Panel COF data downloading link which I get while repairing. And if you do not get your COF data which you need to comment down below. I will update you on the COFdatasheet as soon as possible.

What is COF IC

If you are an Electronics technician especially LCD/LED, Definitely you have to know about COF IC. How to work COF IC and working principle of this IC. Also you have to know the voltage value of this IC. If you are interested to know about COF IC voltage value click here and know how many types of voltage has present in this IC.

Every single panel have their own development and manufacturing COF IC. I make a video on this topic and post an article, If you want to see click here.

Many sensitive panel problem we get for COF failure. like Half display, Lining in panel, Slow motion picture in panel, Double image problem, etc.

How to Download COF IC Datasheet

Here in this block I will tell you how you can download COF IC Datasheet. I will tell two processes of downloading one is paid and another is free.

For Free: If you want to download COF IC for free, You have to do one thing. First of all click on the For free button below of this article.

After that you will get a new window, where you will see the cof IC file.

Lastly click on the download button, COF IC will start downloading.

For Paid: If you want to purchase COF IC data Sheet, you have to click on the Buy COF IC below of this article.

After click on the Purchase button you will see a new page,  where you will get a purchase link.

Simply click on the purchase button pay. After paying the amount you will get a download option.

Alert! Before purchase and payment make sure to read all the information for your satisfaction. Because there have total no of 242 COF IC data..

Important Information: Very good news coming soon for all of you because all my paid service will be free after some days. So if you want to get my paid service for free follow me on social media. I will post when I do free all my digital service.


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