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repair lcd led panel step by step
lcd led panel repairing process

Overview: Hi guys today in this article I am going to discuss how to repair LCD LED panel. any type of panel like LCD, LED, TFT, Laptop Panel, Game console panel, etc. Here I will tell you only about panel repairing and not TV repairing. If you want to know the technique of pane repairing then read this post till the end very carefully. And I want to tell you one more thing before discussing the panel repairing process, The information you will find throughout this post has been realized while repairing. At the time of repair, I keep sharing all the new things with you through this website.

If you are also an electronics technician then follow this website and along with it you have subscribed to our YouTube channel as well. On my YouTube channel, you will find all the things that I do at the time of my repairing in the video footage. Our YouTube channel is name Dip Electronic Lab.

Before repairing any panel, you have to get information about that panel, what is the problem in that panel. After knowing the panel problem, you have to find a solution to that problem. If you already know about that problem then it is a good thing and if you do not know then first get good information about it, you will get all the information inside this post.

Panel Repairing Process: There is a lot of process of panel repairing, but I will tell you all the processes through which I repair the panel. There are two types of problems inside the panel, one physically and another one is mechanical. If there is physical damage inside your panel then this panel will not be repaired. And if there is a problem mechanically or a component buggered, or a dead drop is somewhere or a track is burnt, then your panel can be fixed, other than that.

If you want to know which problem is the most getting inside the panel, then click here and know about the problem of all the panels. After clicking here, whatever information you will get about the panel problem and all the problems you will know about the problem, I have checked all the problems on my shop, so I will tell you my panel repairing experience about all these things Sharing with you.

Process of Panel Repairing

1st Process: If no picture is showing in your panel, you will have to follow this process. First of all you have to check the voltage of the panel, the main power supply of the panel is the supply. If the power supply is present inside the panel then you have to check the fuse of the panel. If you get fuse open inside the panel, does that mean your panel is short? To check the shot, you have to follow the procedure to check the shorting. If you get a shorting inside your panel then it is a great thing, after removing that setting, your panel will be correct. This is my first how to repair LCD LED panel.

2nd Process: If all the voltages are present in the panel PCB which need for operating and picture did not show in the panel, then this step has to be followed. First of all, if there are no pictures inside the panel, then you have to first check the basic voltage that is there. If you want to know what are the voltages and how much are there inside the panel, click here and get all the information about the voltage. In the first and second processes, you have been told that it is above both the voltages and if all the voltages are safe for you, then if the picture does not come in the panel then you will have to check the COF IC. This is my 2nd how to repair LCD LED panel.

3rd Process: I will tell you about the panel modification in this process. Panel Modification means if any component inside any panel is damaged or shorted or is not meeting the compliant market then you will have to bypass that component and do the modification. And this modification process is the most difficult because if you do not have knowledge about this modification then you will have to be very expensive to do the modification. Because the modification process can be done by people who have been working in this field for a long time and they are very

knowledgeable about all these things, only those people can successfully complete the modification properly and in a good way. Through this kind of article post, I can only give you theoretically information. So if you want practical information, then you have to visit my YouTube channel and the practical video footage of the panel repairing that I have put together will be for you to watch on my channel playlist. If you want to see all the videos, click here.

If the basic voltage is inside the panel, if all those voltages are missing anyone voltage inside it, then through this process you can repair that panel. At the beginning of this process, I told you that what is the basic voltage of the panel, which is the panel repairing voltage, in order to repair any panel, you first need to know about all those voltages and it is very important.

Hope you guys like my information

Golden Tips: If your panel does not repair after following all the above processes and then you have to check the COF IC voltages. Even after following all the above, if your panel is not fixed, then you will have to check the panel COF IC and see if the required voltage is present inside the COF IC. I know all the LCD LED TV technicians many times face problems during checking the voltage of  Panel COF IC which is used in every single LCD LED panel. So today I am going to discuss all types of COF IC voltages.

If you do not have knowledge of LCD LED TV and electronic repairing then you can take all the knowledge of the electronics repairing process through our YouTube channel and this website. I have uploaded more than 100 videos of LCD LED TV repairing to the YouTube channel. And along with that, all the electronic appliances that have been kept, I have put many repairing videos on my channel and if you watch all the videos, then you will get a lot of knowledge and information about the electronics repairing field.

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