Panel DC to DC IC all voltage explain

Hi, guys today in this article I am going to discuss how to work all the panel voltage and how much voltage value need in the panel. If you want to know the answer to these questions then read this post very carefully till the end. In this article basically, I discuss all panel voltage briefly in detail like VDD, AVDD, VGL, VGH, VCOM. Also telling what type of problem you will get in the panel if voltage will be missing in the panel scalar PCB.

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Some Basic Information About Panel Voltage: 

Panel voltage basically operates the hole panel doing providing voltage according to the need of the panel. If the panel will need 12v or 5v then DC to DC ic provides to them. So if you want to become a panel repairing expert the at first gain all types of panel-related information. If you read my all article very carefully you will get common information about the panel. After reading this article will you have some information about the panel repairing.

Common Panel Voltage Explain:

  1. VDD Voltage:all-panel-voltage
    This voltage is also known as many different names as DVDD, VDD, VLONE, CV33V all of these voltages have the same voltage value. If this voltage can not flow into the panel PCB or not present in the panel PCB then you will face the white Display problem in the all companies panel. VDD voltage value is 3.3v in all type panel.

    Problem: If VDD voltage do not present in the sealer PCB then what can you do? Now let me repair this panel. If you can not get the voltage in the panel then what you have to do with the panel see in the below paragraph.

    Repairing Process: First of all, find the VDD 3.3v any ware from the panel sealer PCB. After finding the location of the VDD voltage you have to connect 3.3v  on that point through the jumper wire from anywhere in the panel scalar PCB. After doing this process your white display problem will be fixed. This is the importance of this VDD voltage.

  2. AVDD Voltage: all-panel-voltage
    This voltage also has many names in the different company’s panels. Those names are VDDA, VSA, HVAA. All of these voltage miller with AVDD voltage also values are the same as these all voltage which is mention of this part. The actual value of these voltages is 10v to 20v. That means the minimum voltage is 10v and the maximum voltage is 20v.

    Problem: Unfortunately if this voltage is missing in the panel then you will face NO PICTURE problem or Negative picture blank display in the panel. If you want to know the repairing process if these problems read the repairing process passage.

    Repairing Process: If you want to repair this voltage missing problem Negative Picture, NO PICTURE problem then you have to do the find out the voltage between 10v to 20v, after finding the voltage you can connect the voltage through the jumper wire. After the connection is complete the jumper connecting process your Negative Picture, NO PICTURE problem will be fix and repair the panel successfully.

  3. VGH Voltage:
    all-panel-voltageYou can get this voltage as the name of VGONE, DVDG because the different companies put voltage names in different ways but the main voltage name is VGH voltage. The value of this voltage is 20V to 30V but it depends on the T-Con design.

Problem: NO DISPLAY problem will be facing for missing VGH voltage in any panel.

Repairing Process: If you face no display problem in any tv the this is one of the problems for getting the no display problem. you have to do modification of the panel the problem. Click here to know the panel modification process.

4. VGL Voltage: panel-vgl-voltage VGH voltage also has a different name like VOFF, VGOFF, VEGB these are all voltage is the same but the name is different value also the same. If this voltage can not present in the panel then you will get any problems in the panel. The value of this voltage -5v to -12v this means the minimum voltage is (-5v)and the maximum voltage is (-12v).

Problem: Slow Motion Picture, White Lining Problem, Greenlining, Black Lining problem, etc.

Repairing Process: You have only one way to fix all this problem and that way panel modification. That’s means connect the jumper between the VGL test point and the equivalent voltage. To know, the modification process click here.

5. VCOM Voltage: all-panel-voltageVcom voltage is the common voltage of any panel. White Display problem appears on all LCD and LED TV panels for missing the VCOM voltage. The average value of this voltage is 3.3v.

Repairing Process: If in your panel VCOM voltage 3.3v is missing the this white display problem showing on the TV panel. You have to provide 3.3v into the Vcom voltage testing point from where we can get the positive 3.3v.

Full-Form of All Panel Voltage:

⬤  VDD Voltage:- Digital Power Supply Voltage for operating all the LCD and LED panels.

AVDD voltage:- Analog Power Supply voltage.

VGL voltage:- GET OFF power supply voltage.

VGH voltage:- GET OB power supply voltage

VCOM:- Common voltage to operate the panel.

Golden Tips: If you want to solve all these voltage problems then you have to replace DC to Dc IC to the Panel BOOST converter, and take the common voltage and joint on panel scalar PCB.

If you get the double image problem and color variation in the panel. First of all, you have to clean the LVDS cable and all LVDS signals and voltages. I discuss and write an article very soon in this blog. So drop your email and sign up for getting a notification in the mail of all the posts of this blog.

Unfortunately, the problem is not solved doing the clean the LVDS cable then you have to cut the CKV and CKV2 in your panel track your problem will be fixed completely. 

     If you can not get the CKV1 and CKV2 track then you have to check the side COF IC voltage and If you want to get the Cof IC datasheet then click here to download the COF IC datasheet.

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⚠Warning: Make sure during check the panel DC to DC voltage you have to knowledge about LCD LED TV repairing and TV assembling & Disassembling. If you don’t have knowledge about that and you start checking the voltage and happen something wrong then you will be responsible for that.

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