What is VCOM Voltage in LCD LED TV All Information

What is VCOM Voltage

Hello guys welcome back to our site, Today here in this post I will tell you about What is VCOM Voltage in LCD LED TV All Information. If you want to know about this VCOM voltage this is the right place for you.

Specially we focused on LCD LED TV VCOM voltage, because the VCOM voltage we get voltage control oscillator. And the Voltage control oscillator technology we see in the LCD LED TV panel also where we get VCOM voltage. So all these things is inter connected.

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What is VCOM Voltage?

It is the reference voltage of the LCD panel. VCOM amplifier is specifically designed to drive TFT panel loads. Its peak output current of 300 mA and the peak output voltage is 3.3v. The VCOM voltage is typically adjusted during the manufacture of the display to get the highest image quality. VCOM voltage is the common voltage of any panel. The voltage of VCOM fluctuates according to variations of gate and data voltage.

How to Generate a VCOM Voltage?

VCOM Voltage generate Using a PWM ( Pulse Width Modulation ) Signal. It is a simple and easy way to generate VCOM Voltage. PWM signal is input of microcontroller and we get analog VCOM Voltage.

Function of VCOM Voltage

1) VCOM Voltage circuit has a buffer. that buffer can adjusted VCOM Voltage
2) It provides a way to adjust the VCOM voltage

Problem for VCOM Voltage Missing in Panel

We get White Display Problem inside TV panel because of missing this Vcom voltage inside the TV panel. So If you get white Display Problem in your LCD LED TV then you have to check this voltage on the panel scaler PCB on the Panel source PVB

Full form of VCOM Voltage

Common Voltage To Operate the Panel. This is the full form of Vcom Voltage. And if you want to know more about this voltage just comment down below I will update you data on this post.

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FAQ on VCOM Voltage

This is common voltage of LCD LED TV Panel?

Yes this VCOM voltage is the common voltage of all company LCD LED TV Panel. You will get this voltage each and every LCD LED TV Panel.

What is the value of VCOM Voltage?

The value of this VCOM Voltage is 3.3v in each and every LCD LED TV Panel. It does not mean you TV panel work on 12v. 5v or 3.3v Inside all the TV panel the value of this voltage is 3.3v.

problem if missing VCOM Voltage in the Panel

You will get white display problem inside of your TV panel if this voltage getting missing in your panel PCB. For more information read this article very carefully.

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