How to Repair White Display Problem

How to Repair White Display Problem

How to Repair White Display Problem
White Display Problem

Hello guys I hope all are you happy Today. 🙂 Today here I will tell you How you can fix the White Display problem of any LCD LED TVs. This is my work experience which I am gonna tell you. This information I achieve from my 3 Years repairing field. So this information will be the best and accurate technique to fix White Display Problem. If you interest to watch my repairing practical videos, You should click here to watch. There have a complete white display repairing process from starting to fix. I hope this video definitely helps you to repair the white display fault.

For T-Con and Scalar PCB failure we get this problem on the panel. Especially on my channel only have white display repairing practical video footage. This type of panel problem I already repaired many times doing by modification. But mostly time getting not successful by doing the modification. Because when I get COF IC damage or short problem that time not possible to repair doing modification. So you have only one way to replace and change the Panel COF IC, that is Bonding. I do not have cof bonding machine. that’s why not repair and replace the COF IC by me. But If you get voltage missing or sorting any components except COF IC, You will be able to fix and repair the white display problem by yourself.

If you want to become a chip-level LCD LED technician, You should check out my previous post by clicking here. I have lost lots of my repairing experience over 3 years of repairing experience.

White Display Repairing with Different Way

  • The first way to repair this problem is that changing LVDS cable. If you get LVDS cable error or damage of abnormal then also get this white panel problem on the TV. So check the cable and replace it with a new one. Many times will fix this problem by doing to change the cable. For the LVDS cable testing process. Means How to check the LVDS cable click here and know the way to check the LVDS cable.
  • 2nd way is that find out the sorting in the panel scalar PCB and remove the short circuit. Mostly time the capacitor or other components like Transistor, Diode, Mosfet getting overheat and stop working because shorting. This is the 2nd way to fix white display problem in any kind of LCD LE Television.
  •  3rd way is that modification. This means if you getting any voltage missing in the panel scalar PCB or in the COF IC, you have to modify them. Modification video footage available on my YouTube channel. The particular voltage will be get missing on the COF IC that time also appears white display problem on the TV panel.

Some of my popular White Display Repairing technique video links will be provided in the below of this post. Simply click on the title and directly go on my repairing video.

Total 3 no of video content about how to repair and fix white display problem available with complete details. 

  1. LED TV white display problem Repairing with practical
  2. White display problem in mini monitor panel fixed
  3. Sansui LCD TV White Display Repairing practical video

All the above-highlighted topic is about of this topic with a backlink. Simply tap top the bold topic. After tap on that you will get the video footage which you want to see. Many people already helped from my site.

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