T-con Board Repairing Process

Tcon board repairing
T-CON Board

After getting many requests from my followers I write this article for all of you. So today in this article I will tell you the T-Con board repairing process, also I will give you a pdf file where you will get the repairing process.

All you know is the T-con problem. All technicians face the Tcon problem while repairing the LCD LED TV. We get lots of problems for tcon board problem. Different types of tcon board available in the market. Especially for branded tv have separate Tcon board. And in the local tv have tcon board attachment with the panel or panel scalar PCB. T-con Board Repairing.

Types of T-Con Board

There are lots of different type of Tcon board available in the market. But all the Tcon boards have the same working process with different designs and with different categories. Some of Tcon board design explains in the below.

  1. Only the T-Con board This board used mostly branded television like Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc.
  2. T-Con with Panel Scalar PCB, this type of T-Con board and Tcon Ic is installing in the panel scalar PCB. In many local panel and local TV have this designed Tcon board.
  3. T-Con board inside the main motherboard, Inside a small amount of TV, has this type of TCon board and Tcon IC.

How To Repair T-Con Board

As all are you know I am a professional electronics technician That’s why I share this type of information for you you. I have a YouTube channel where I share My practical repairing videos. And I upload a video about how to repair T-Con board with practical.

If you want to become a successful and pro technician, even you want to learn something about electronics repairing work click here and read my article.

I was tell you when I started write this article. I will give you a pdf file where you can get the T-Con board repairing process. So click on the download button and download that pdf file.

T-CON board repairing information.pdf – 5.3 MB

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