How to repair LED TV Up Side Down problem

led tv up side down problem
Up Side Down Problem

This problem LED TV up side down Problem is the most sensitive problem which we get many TV. SO here in this post, I will tell you complete information about how you can repair this problem.

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What is UP side Down problem ?

Basically Up side down is the picture related problem. When you power ON the tv and watch the picture you will see the up side down problem. This means which image should be on the top side that image you will see in the below side. This problem is called Up side down problem. The problem you can see in the above picture. Click on this and watch the practical video of this problem.

Why we get up side down problem ?

There are have two or three problems to get this problem in our LCD LED TV.

The first reason when you replace the Tcon board in any LCD LED TV at that time we will get this problem. Not every time but sometime we will get this problem.

The second reason when you replace the panel of any TV at that time also get this problem.

Third reason when you install any other TV motherboard at that time also we get this problem.

The last and fourth reason is that when you press something wrong with the help of remote, that time also we will face an LED TV Up Side Down problem.

How to fix Up side Down Problem ?

There are have almost three to four different ways to fix and repair an LCD LED TV up side down problem. As compared to the problem getting option I will tell you 4 ways to fix this problem.

  1. T-con Problem: If you get this up side problem through the TCon board and get after replacing the T-con board, You have to do the T-con board modification. Modification means remove, break, and open some components from the board according to the T-Con function. For practical video click here.
  2. Panel And Board Replacement: After replacing the panel or the main motherboard, If you will get this problem. You have to do the right LVDS cable connections. After do this job and still getting this problem follow the below steps.

  1. Press Wrong Button In Remote: This is the most sensible option to getting this problem. If you or your child or your home member, unfortunately, press the wrong button then also get this problem. To repair this problem simply enter the service menu code of your TV and change the mirror option inside the service menu code, your problem will be fixed.

I already make a video on this topic about how to open the service menu code and fix the LED TV Up Side Down problem. If you looking to see that video simply click on the highlighted text.

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