How to Repair CRT TV H-Line Problem

How to Repair CRT TV H-Line Problem

Hi, guys in this post I will tell you, How you can repair CRT TV H-Line problem very easily. If you get this problem on your TV this is the right place for you. Here you will get all the information to fix your CRT TV horizontally H-Line problem.

Here we will share LCD LED, CRT, and all kinds of electronics gadgets repairing information for free of cost. So you can read our article and fix your device and gadgets problem very easily.

If you did not get your device repairing information on this site, Just leave a comment with your problem. I will share the repairing process on this site as soon as possible.

What Is CRT TV H-Line Problem

CRT TV H line problem means You can see the picture middle position of the Picture tube.

I have attached a picture in the below of this block, where you will see the actual H line and vertical line problem of CRT TV.

Most of the time we will get this problem for voltage variation. And the repairing process of this problem is very simple.

If you want to know How to Repair CRT TV H-Line Problem follow the below steps and repair your TV problem.

How to Repair H-Line Problem of CRT TV

This is a very simple process to repair CRT TV H-Line problem. This problem we get because of vertical section failure.

  • First of all, you have to check all the common voltage inside the CRT TV motherboard. Common voltage means Output Transistor voltage, Vertical IC all voltage, and 5V standby voltage.
  • If you get any voltage missing or abnormal, you have to provide thta voltage accorting to the circuit voltage.
  • And if you get all the voltage is OK then you have to replace the vertical IC ( Ex- 78040, 78041, 7840, etc) which number IC have in you circuit. Just open old IC and place a new with same number IC.
  • After do this process your Vertical H-line problem will fix sucessfully. 

I have embedded a Practical Video where I fixed this problem in front of the camera. just follow this information step by step and repair your TV.

If you have any doubt or questions about this topic just comment down below, I will replay to you as soon as possible.

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