CRT TV New Motherboard Review

CRT TV New Motherboard

Welcome all CRT TV technician. Here in this article I will discuss about CRT TV NEW motherboard review. This is only an article on the internet where you will get a complete CRT TV motherboard explanation inside one article. If you interest to know more about CRT TV or CRT Monitor motherboard read this article till the end very carefully. Color tv new kit.

First of all, know this information before going to in detail discussion. All the information of this article you will apply in all the CRT TV motherboard. Because this article I write depends on my whole life repairing experience.

What is CRT TV New Motherboard?

CRT TV Motherboard is a controlling electronics board that is drive the CRT TV and Monitor Picture tube. This is a combo board. Almost each and every Motherboard made with combo pack. Combo means all the important parts circuit included in the one Motherboard.

For external Motherboard which available aftermarket, those boards you will able to install up to 21-inch Picture Tube TV. I have made a video tutorial where I discuss all the things in the Hindi language. CRT TV New Motherboard all information.

Section of CRT TV Motherboard

There are a total of 7 sections available in the CRT TV Motherboard. The no of 7 section is not official but, in my opinion, there are 7 section which is most related to all the technician.

I will discuss all these 7 sections with details also attach pictures for better understanding. CRT TV New Motherboard all information.

  1. Power Supply Section
  2. Vertical Section
  3. Horizontal Section
  4. Control Section
  5. Audio Section
  6. TV AV Section
  7. RF Section

Now I am going to discuss all the sections of the CRT TV Motherboard which I already mention above block. All the below information is writing from my experiences. So, if you find anything wrong please just comment down below or drop a mail. I will update Immediately. CRT TV New Motherboard all information.

Features of This Color TV Motherboard

CRT TV New Motherboard Review
Color TV Motherboard

This is a Color TV new kit. Here I will tell you some special features of this new CRT TV kit.

  • Board Size:- 247x330mm
  • Supported Picture Tube Screen Size:- 14-inch to 29-inch
  • Audio:- Dual-channel audio output
  • Input Terminal:- AV1, AV2
  • Output Terminal:- Single AV output
  • External Sound System Support:- Yes

NOTE: In the next article I will discuss about sections of CRT TV Motherboard in detail. If you want to get notification of that article simply drop your mail and subscribe.

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