How to Fix Smart TV Stuck on LOGO Problem

How to Fix Smart TV Stuck on LOGO Problem

Hello, guys Today in this post I will tell you How you can fix the Smart TV Stuck on LOGO problem. this problem we get almost every Smart and Android LED TV. Basically when we power on the led tv, at that time TV brand logo gets stuck and after some minutes goes into stand-by mode. this is the actual problem.

To repair this problem we have three different. In this post, I will explain each and every way to fix this TV stuck-on logo problem. This stuck-on logo problem is also called as Smart TV hang problem, Smart led tv firmware failure problem, Smart led tv to hang problem, and Smart led tv software problem. All these problems are the same. To know the repairing process of this problem read this post till the end.

3 Way to Fix Smart TV Stuck on LOGO

  1. Reset The TV
  2. Flash Fresh Firmware through the PenDrive
  3. Eares EMMC IC and Upload New and Fresh software through the Universal programmer

These are the only three-way to Fix the Smart TV Stuck on LOGO Problem. You can easily fix your Smart led tv hang problems by using these three methods.

First, know your TV motherboard number or know your TV chipset number and find the key combination for the reset of your tv. You will get the reset key combination from this site after knowing the smart tv motherboard number or Smart tv chipset type.

If you did not able to fix this problem by doing the reset, then you can apply 2nd method by clicking on the Flash Fresh Firmware through the Pendrive. And for the 3rd method, you can click on the How to install software in Smart LED TV.

I have already made a practical video on how to reset the and fix Smart tv stuck on logo problem. You can watch that video by scrolling down this page.

Watch video on How to fix Smart TV Stuck on LOGO Problem

SMART LED TV Recovery Mode Opening
SMART LED TV Recovery Mode Opening


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FAQ of How to FIX Smart TV Hang Problem

Why is my LG smart TV stuck on logo screen?

Because your TV operating system getting overload. To fix this smart TV stuck on logo screen problem you have to do reset your tv. in this post I have explained everything on how you can do this and fix your TV.

How do I fix my Samsung TV stuck on the start screen logo?

There are have three-way to fix your TV stuck on the start screen logo. The first one is resetting your tv, the Second one is updating your tv through Pendrive and the last one is reflashing your EMMC ic. To know more about this you can read this post.

My smart TV is Stuck on Starting Screen how to fix it?

If your tv gets Stuck on starting screen then you have three different methods to fix your TV. 1) Reset the TV 2) Update Firmware of your tv 3) Reflash your TV EMMC IC. To know more about this read this article very carefully.

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