VS.T56U11.2 Universal TV Card full details


VS.T56U11.2 Universal TV card is the most popular TV card this time. SO today in this article I will discuss about VS.T56U11.2 universal TV card with different positive and negative point. If you want to know about this new universal TV card read this article at the end of this article.

About this board

This is an universal LCD LED TV card. You can use this card up to 32 inch LCD LED TV. The price of this cars is about ₹700 to ₹800 Indian rupees.

Actually this card is made for all those technician and for makers. This card help to those people who are want to do some experiment and making something using audio video signals. I also use this board very different way like for repair LCD LED TV with replacing original board.

If you want to see my video footage of how to install universal board click here and watch. 

Feature Of VS.T56U11.2

Here I will tell you about all the features of this universal LCD LED card. So read this passage very carefully. And make sure know all the minor features before install and use this card.

  1. You can install this card almost all the non branded TV up to 32 inch.
  2. HD and NON HD panel does support this card very easily.
  3. NO resulation software needed to install this card in any LCD LED TV.
  4. Only 12V DC need for run this card.
  5. Very easy to connect LVDS signal track.
  6. HDMI, AV, USB and VGA port available in this board.
  7. You can connect 20W two speakers for sound.
  8. And also have one Headphone jack and 3.5mm output jack.
  9. Only programming software need in this board.
  10. The most advantage of this board is that, If you want to set panel resulation only you have to do press the hidden number according to the resulation.

VS.T56U11.2 Regulation Setting Code

  1. 1366×768 for Input 20081
  2. 1024×768 for Input 20082
  3. 1280×1024 for Input 20082
  4. 1400×900 for Input 20084
  5. 1680×1050 for Input 20085

All this above code only work in the board remote. If you try this code with other TV or Other board remote then does not work it.

How to Install Universal Card

I already discussed in my many articles How to install universal cards step by step. If you want to know the installation process simply click on the bold letters. Also, I post many LCD LED repairing content you can read that also. After reading those articles you will be a pro technician.

Results of This Card

I am sure this card is the best TV card according to my experience. I have installed this card almost 25 to 30 in branded and non branded TV. Picture quality, sound quality, and performance are very impressive. For picture and video quality you can see my video tutorial by clicking here.

You can use this card as a small LCD or Panel driver. Many people love this card because of its performance. And as well as picture quality.

Buy VS.T56U11.2 Board

Software Of this Card

Only main BIOS software is available on this board. You do not need software to set the regulations. And BIOS software you can install when your card is stuck while booting and stop in stand-by mode. If you want to get the software of this card click on the below button and follow the step and download the software.

Buy VS.t56U11.2 Motherboard

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  3. Sunil kumar Pandey

    I have 32 inch led LCD model (LE32K700)for which mother board and power supply is not working.

    Technician took it for repair. But after that lockdown took place and no response from technician.
    Just want to know I can install universal board in the tv

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