LCD LED Panel Data Reading Cable

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Panel data reading cable is the new LCD LED repairing tool. So today here in this article I am going to tell about the application and using process.

The main application of this cable is reading panel data reading. The advantage of this cable is very appreciable. I have used many times while I can not get a panel datasheet on the internet.

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Now I going to discuss more about this panel data reading cable. This cable you can purchase only from online market not available in offline market. But if you have PCB designing knowledge you can make this cable by yourself.

panel data reading cable

How to Use Panel Data Reading Cable

Follow the below information where I write the operation process of this cable. And one more thing know before reading the below application process. If you want to use this cable you must have RT809f or RT809H programmer for use this cable.

First Step: First of all connect this cable with your programmer.

Second Step: After that you have to connect your programmer with your system or computer. As well as connect the cable with your panel which you want to read the data. Make sure to check the power source side before connecting the cable.

Third Step: And now open your program operating the application on your computer system.

Fourth Step: Now click on the serial print, panel data will appear on the screen. That’s it.

panel datasheet making

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