SONY TV Blinking Problem Solving Tips

Sony tv blinking problem

Sony Tv blinking problem we get many times while repairing. As you know many people about this problem. If you do not know the actual repairing process of this problem. This article will help you to fix your problem.

This below information only works on SONY LCD LED TV. If you have a different Company’s TV you have to click on the below link and start reading.

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SONY TV Blinking Problem and Solution

Follow the below steps and blinking number to fix your TV. At first count, the number of blinking time in your TV indicator after that read that particular steps.

1 Time Blinking: In SONY TV one time blink means data store failure in memory IC. But if you get a single blink and no response from the TV you have to check your data store IC which is also called Bios or programming IC.

2 Time Blinking: If you get two times blinking in your SONY TV, this means the problem in the PSU. PSU means Power Supply Unit. To repair this problem you have to do check the power supply and find the problem or missing voltage. After getting the fault you have to fix that. After fix the PSU your two-time blinking problem will be repaired.

I have make a practical video on this Two-time blinking problem. If you want to watch This practical video click here.

3 Time Blinking: We get this Three-time bunking problem because of DC regulator and Audio failure. To repair this problem you have to do check DC regulating and Audio section.

4 Time Blinking: This four-time bilking we get for mature. To repair, this problem just clean your all the board which is installed inside your SONY TV. After clean the TV, the balancing will be fixed and your blinking problem also will be fixed.

5 Time Blinking: This is the most complected problem which we get most of the time on SONY TV. If you get this problem this means T-Con Error. This problem will appear only for the T-Con board problem. If you want to know how to repair the Tcon board click here.

6 Time Blinking: Six-time blinking problem we get because of backlight failure. If you get a six-time blinking problem in your SONY TV, you have to check your backlight and fix that. Check my YouTube tutorials to learn how to fix and repair the backlight problems.

7 Time Blinking: Seven-time blinking problem we get because of overheating. So this is the not big deal. Just cool down your TV or check all high-temperature components. If you get any components with high temperatures just replace that component with a new one.

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