What is COF IC and How to Get IT

What is COF IC

Hi, guys today in this post I will tell you What is COF IC and How to Get COF IC datasheet. As well as I will also tell you why COF IC use in LCD LED TV panel? with proper repairing process. If you want to know all this information about COF IC read this article very carefully.

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What is COF IC?

COF IC is a flexible Printed packaging technology, which is used for transferring video signal data into the panel. This technology package gives the highest density and high reliability. In a COF IC have lots of passive components to provide better service. And this is a Two-layer flexible printed structure.

The application of this COF IC is, It helps to drive all types of panels like LCD, LED, PDP, and OLED. When a panel connects with source PCB or a Panel PCB, this COF IC will help to connect them to each other. And this IC acts as a mediator.

How to Get COF IC Datasheet

To download the COF IC datasheet I have already written a complete article about How you can download COF IC datasheet from the internet. And if you did not get the COF IC datasheet from the Internet the what can you do. If you need complete information about this click here and read that article carefully. Also, I will provide there COF IC downloading link.

why COF IC use in LCD LED TV panel?

Because this is the only way and only IC which is helping to connect a Panel to PCB. There are no other options to connect then each other except the COF IC. That’s why COF IC use in TV panel.

I hope you guys get all the information about What is COF IC in this post with proper way. But if you have any question you can comment on the comment box.

What is COF IC FAQ

  1. How to get COF IC Datasheet?

    If you want to get COF IC Datasheet read this article. You will get all the information about COF IC

  2. How to Repair COF IC?

    Does not have any process and option to repair broken or damage COF IC. But you can replace Broken and damage COF IC with the new one through the COF Bonding Machine.

  3. COF IC Equivalent?

    There are not equivalent COF IC available in the market. You have to install and replace COF IC with the same number COF IC.

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