How to Identify LCD LED TV Problem

LCD LED ^TV Repairing

As you all know our LCD LED TV getting stuck and dead through very different purposes. So today here I will discuss how many types of problems we get in the LCD LED TV. Also I will tell you how you can Identify those problems for repair.

For your understanding very easily I will recommend you read my previous article for more information about repairing. For reading my previous article click here.

LCD LED TV Problem

There are many kinds of problems we face while repair LCD LED TV. Whether it is a Smart TV or Normal TV? But repairing process will be different for both TVs. If you want to watch my repairing practical tutorial check out my YouTube videos by clicking here. Let’s explain the TV problem.

1. Dead LCD LED TV Problem

Why we will get Dead TV problem: This is the most common problem we will get almost every type of TV whether it is Android, 4K or normal TV. Maximum time this problem get for power problem. If you power not provide properly that time we face this problem. The same problem happens due to the high voltage provide inside the TV. But this is the not big deal to repair this problem. The big deal is that how to find out the actual damage part and fix this issue.

Repairing Process: Before I discuss the repairing process click here and read the complete dead TV repairing technique because I already post an article on this topic with details explained.

How to Identify This Problem: Very simply to find dead TV. First of all connect the AC code with the power supply. After connecting the code if you get any response from the TV that means you TV not in dead position. But after connecting the TV with the power supply you do not get any response that means your TV in dead position.


LCD LED Panel problem is the very sensitive and most common problem inside LCD LED TV. For repairing this problem you have to do the modification or replacing the problem. There are many types of LCD LED panel problems we will see on the TV. Repairing of this problem also I discuss In a particular post. For read, that particular post click here.

How to Identify Panel Problem: To identify this problem you have to do ON the TV and provide video signals inside the TV. After that you will not see the picture or get an abnormal picture this situation is the problem.

3. Sound Problem

This is not hard to repair this problem. Actually this problem appears to damage the speaker or damage the sound section. You do not need much knowledge to repair this problem. Very easily we can repair this problem.

How to Identify Sound Problem: When no sound comes from TV, then you will know that this is the sound problem. When you get this problem first check the audio input signal. If the audio signal is OK after that check the audio section. If sound section OK then check speakers. After check all three sections you will get the main problem from this section. For audio section repairing you can do modification. And if you get speaker problem simply Chang the speaker with a new one.

All the above Three topic is the main problem we get inside the LCD LED TV. For your information, we will get many problems with one problem. For example in the LCD LED panel problem we get any problems. The problem is like a white display problem, Burning problem, Lining problem, Slow motion problem, and many different types of problems we get. As well as in Dead tv problems we get different types of problems. I will discuss all this problem in another article.

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