Double Image in TV Panel problem

Double Image In TV Panel

In the all company’s LCD LED TV we see this double image in the TV panel many times. Customers pay a huge amount of money for the repair of this problem. But if you are a technician or a customer both can read this article and know what is the actual problem. Because many technician charge a huge amount of money to repair this double image in the TV panel.

So if you want to know the cause of this problem and want to know how you can repair this problem read continue. Double Image in TV Panel.

First of all make sure this is the assembled TV or Original which TV will have a double image problem. Because If it is the assembled TV’ It does take to much time to repair. And if nit is an Original company’s TV, It does not take to much time. Because in the original TV pane has the Double image track in front of scale PCB. Double Image in TV Panel.

If you want to see a practical video of this problem click here. I make videos while repairing double image problems and share that video footage on my YouTube channel.

And if you want to become a TV technician click here and read my all repairing article. If you read my all repairing article you will be a successful LCD LED TV technician. Double Image in TV Panel.

How to Repair Double Image in TV Panel

The double image in the TV panel is means you can see a double image during watching the picture inside the TV panel. Follow the below steps to fix the Double Image in TV Panel.

Step 1: First of all open the panel and panel scalar PCB very carefully.

Step 2: After that check all the basic panel voltage according to the panel datasheet. If you do not know the panel voltage name, Point and value click here and know about all panel voltage names and values. Because I already discuss this topic in another article. Double Image in TV Panel.

Step 3: If you get any abnormal voltage after checking. Fix the voltage by doing modification or replacing the bad components.

Step 4: After doing step 3 if your TV still facing the problem, check all the COF IC basic voltages. To know more about COF IC All Voltage click on the COF IC voltage and know more about the voltage value.

Step 5: If you get any voltage is missing in the COF IC. Maximum time when we repair this type of problem we get the abnormal voltage of missing voltage inside the COF IC. Also if you get the missing or abnormal voltage then provide that voltage by doing the modification.

Step 6: After complete all above the steps and still getting double image problems then find the CKV or CKVB signal from the panel PCB.

Step 7: After finding the CKV and CKVB signal, cut their signal track very carefully. Total 4 tracks you will be disconnect from the panel PCB. IF you do not know to do the cutting process of double image signal track, click here and watch video footage of CKV signal cutting.

Now your Job is DONE !

Some Important in formation for You

After doing apply all the above steps your TV will not fix and you can,t find the main problem. And if you get broken COF IC, you will do the COF Bonding with the help of the COF Bonding machine. But the COF Bonding machine price is too high. If somewhere around you has COF Bonding Machine, then you can repair or bonding right there.

I hope you guys like my article. If you have any quarries comment down below. I will replay to you as soon as possible and try to solve your problem by doing a replay.

Thank You

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