How To Install Display In Any Motherboard of LED TV

How To Install Display In Any Motherboard of LED TV

In this post, I am going to share information about one of the most frequently asked questions “How To Install Display In Any Motherboard.

Here I have explained about three major ways to install it in various TVs like HD, Full HD, and 4K. Along with that, I have also mentioned the problems that one might face after installing a motherboard with the panel with their solution.

I am a professional electronic technician with 4+ years of experience and I can assure you that after reading this article, your search for How To Install Display In Any Motherboard will come to an end.

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Install Display In Any Motherboard of LED TV

1)First thing that you need to focus on while installing any motherboard is to know its types along with that you also need to know about the type of panel with which you are going to attach the motherboard. Here type refers to the design of your motherboard’s connector.

According to that Connector design, you require an LVDS cable. This cable is going to be connected to our panel. LVDS cable is used here to send the signals from the motherboard to the TV so that images can form on the panel display.

There are various ranges of LVDS cables available in the market. It will totally depend on your motherboard and panel.

2) When you are confirmed about the type of panel and motherboard connector, the next step is to purchase the right type of LVDS cable.

If your old panel and new panel have the same panel number then there is no need to buy a new LVDS cable. You can use the same cable. In case, the panel number is different then definitely there is a need to buy a new LVDS cable.

3) Currently only HD, Full HD, and 4K TVs are available in the market. The method described above is the easiest method to install panels in HD and full HD TV.

If you try to install a Full HD panel in a 4K TV, then you might face some problems because it is difficult to find 4K TV boards in the nearby market. Even today, universal 4K motherboards are not easily available.

So if you are installing a full HD panel with a 4K TV board, into the HD panel then you will need a 4k to 2k converter. This 4k to 2k converter is easily available in the nearby market worth around 900-1000 INR.

If your TV has an HD motherboard then you can install both HD and full HD panels. For this, you need a converter.

If your motherboard is non-HD, then you can directly install an HD panel without any need for a converter. In case you want to install an HD motherboard with a full HD panel, then you have to use an HD to full HD converter.

Similarly if you full HD motherboard with an HD panel then you have to use a full HD to HD converter. These converters are used in Universal type motherboards.

4) If you have a motherboard of companies like Sony, LG, or Samsung, then you have to use some sort of register while installing.

If you want to install a 4K panel in HD or Full HD TV, then you also need a converter. If your motherboard is set on HD resolution, sometimes you can easily get code in the bio search programming option.

In case you are unable to get the code, then you can use the converter. Now if you have a 4K panel, and you want to install a normal motherboard with that, then you definitely need a converter/LVDS.

Problem Faced While Installing New Panel Motherboard

These are the two most common problems that occur best after installing a new display in any motherboard.

  • The most common problem that shows up after installing the motherboard is an error option/Mirroring Problem. To solve this mirroring issue you have to open the service menu and change the mirror option to correct this error.
  • The second issue that one might face is a negative picture or mapping problem (ghost Images) on the panel. Mapping problems can be solved easily in the service menu.

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