Top 10 LCD LED Repairing Tools List

lcd led repairing tools list

This is a second article bout LCD LED repairing tools list. If you want to know the first article means the first 5 tools list CLICK HERE. Because here I start to discuss from NO 6 tolls. All these tools I personally in my lab except Bonding Machine.

If you are an electronics technician there are tools you must-have in your lab.

LCD LED Repairing Tools List

Now I am going to discuss about 2nd part of the LCD LED repairing tools list. follow the below.

6. Digital Microscope

A digital microscope also need while repairing. These tools we use to see small components and circuit track tracing on a big screen. If you do not see and do not understand the component number, this digital microscope will help you to see the number.

There have different types and different value digital microscopes available in the market. You can buy this digital microscope from an offline or online market. I personally use MUSTOOL G600 digital microscope from the last 3 months. This microscope was send me by This is the best microscope under $40. If you want to purchase this microscope click on the buy button.

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Mustool g600 review

7. PTC Hesting Element

This tool I personally make at my lab. Because this PTC heating element I use for remove and place LED Backlight from the LED strips. This PTC heating element work as a LED backlight rework station. I have made lots of videos on this element.

That topic is that which I make videos on this element mention in the below. If you want to watch those video content simply click on the topic.

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backlight heating element

8. SMD Tester

This item helps you to measure SMD RLC components with very accurate components value. If you have good quality digital multimeter this item does not need to purchase. But if you do not have good quality digital multimeter purchase this SMD Tester tool for your help.

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RLC tester

9. Digital Storage Oscilloscope

This tool not compulsory for LCD LED Repairing. But if you have enough budget and want to chip repairing you can buy this tool. DSO we use for signal measurement, like LVDS Signal, CLK signal, etc.

DSO is very expensive So before purchase, these tools think twice. I already tell you this is not a compulsory tool for repairing work. But if you have enough money and budget to effort this tool go for purchase. Buy 200 Mhz DSO.

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dso for repairing

10. Bonding Machine

This machine is the most expensive tool in the LCD LED Repairing field. Bonding Machine only we use for Panel Bonding work otherwise this machine has no use.

If you get a huge amount of LCD LED TV repairing then you can purchase a machine. Almost ₹300k to ₹5000k Indian price of this machine. Do jot have this machine in my lab. But I have the experience to operate this machine. you can see the picture of this machine in the below.

Bonding machine

If you have any opinion about LCD LED repairing tools feel free to comment down below. And if you have quarries drop a mail on my email ID. My email ID you will get below of this page and in contact us page.

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