Top 10 LCD LED Repairing Power Tools

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H guys today here in this article I am going to tell you about the top 10 LCD led repairing POWER tools which you must have. This article will help you to purchase the best starting LCD LED Repairing tools.

Tools are the most important gadgets which need each and every technician to do the job. If you do not have these tools you will get any problem to fix the problem. But you have these tools in your lab you will fix the problem easily. LCD LED Repairing Power Tools list I describe here.

All the tools I personally use in my LAB, So which information I will give you It will be my user experience.

I have to make a video on this topic in the Hindi Language. If you want to watch the video Click here⇓.

List of LCD LED Repairing Power Tools

Now I am going to discuss the Top 10 LCD LED repairing tools which you must have in your lab or working table. Top 10 LCD LED Repairing Power Tools list to describe here.

1. Multimeter

This is the most common Measurement tool. we use this tool for value measurement and track checking in the circuit. If you, not a professional technician then also you must have a multimeter. But if you are a professional technician then you must have a high-quality Multimeter.

There are two types of multimeters have in the market. One is Analog Multimeter and another is Digital multimeter. I personally recommend to you use Digital multimeter because of the function and accurate value.

I personally use METRAVI 19 Digital Multimeter for the last 2 years. The performance is outstanding. I provide that multimeter picture in the below. If you want to purchase this Multimeter Click on the Download Button.

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repairing multimeter

2. SMD Rework Station

SMD Rework Station is the 2nd most common electronics gadgets repairing tool. This tool will help us to remove SMD components from the circuit board. This machine also you must have in your working table.

There are have lots of branded SMD rework station. But I use KT888 D SMD Rework station in my lab. This station I purchase from the local market. It is also available on the Online market. The performance is very good. I use this machine from the last 1.5 Years till now.

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repairing tools

3. Bios Programmer

This programmer only need when we flash the BIOS IN in LCD LED TV. This has only one application is that install and flash the bios.

There are lots of programmers available in the market but RT809f and RT809H are most popular for LCD LED Repairing. I also use these two programmers to repair the LCD LED TV.

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4. Backlight Tester

There are have two types of backlight tester one is CCFL LCD backlight tester and another is LED backlight tester. I have already written an article about backlight with LCD led tv backlight repairing technique. For read, that article Click Here

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lcd backlight tester

lcd backlight tester.jpg

5. Bench Power Supply

This is the 3rd most common power tool for repairing. Almost every technician should buy one Bench Variable Power Supply. Bench power supply we use for checking doing provide voltage. When we will do repairing that time we need different types of voltage value. Bench power supply helps us to get that voltage.

Personally I use the Minleaf NPS3010W Power supply which was sent by for review purposes. This is the chip and value for money products. This is my primary power supply in my lab.

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