How to make Android TV using Laptop Screen

How to make Android TV using Laptop Screen

Hello and welcome guys today in this post I will tell you how you can make Android TV using Laptop Screen. If you have an old laptop and you want to make Tv using the panel of the laptop, follow the below instructions step by step.

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just buy the below-mentioned parts from our store and start doing assembling the TV. Before buy anything know everything about that products.

Materials List to Make LED TV using Laptop Screen

3SL NoPartsBuy Link
1Universal Android Motherboard BUY
2Universal MotherboardBUY
3Universal LVDS CableBUY
4Backlight DriverBUY
5Power Supply/ Power AdapterBUY
6Plastic BoxBUY

Make Android TV using Laptop Screen

  1.  Open the panel from your old Laptop.
  2. Find the panel number and download the datasheet fom the internet.
  3. know the panel LVDS connection and panel voltage.
  4. After that find a suitable mmotherboard for your panel. If you have 1366×768 or 1920×1080 panel resolution then you can buy a Android Universal motherboard. but if your panel have other resolation except 1366×768 and 1920×1080 you have to buy Normal universal motherboard.
  5. After chose the motherboard you have to find suitable LVDS cable for the panel to motehrboard connection. Also you have to buy a 12v 3A power adapter and 1 pair Speaker.
  6. Now you have to connect all the parts togather. I have attached a connection video in the below of this block to make Android TV using Laptop Screen.

Note: If you have any kinds of questions and queries in your mind regarding this post, just comment down below. I will replay to you as soon as possible.

Watch Video on how to make Android TV using Laptop Screen

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FAQ of How to make Android TV using Laptop Screen

How do I project my laptop screen to Android TV?

Just read this post very carefully and apply step by step, you will be able to make an android tv using a laptop screen.

How do I turn my laptop screen into a TV?

To turn a laptop screen into a tv you need to purchase some parts and assembled them in a fream. In this post, I have explained everything about turning a laptop screen to a tv. just read very carefully and apply it to your project.

How do I switch my laptop screen to my TV with HDMI?

first of all make a Tv using a laptop screen with the help of a universal motherboard, which has an HDMI port. After that you will be able to connect your DIY tv using the HDMI cable.

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