10 LCD LED TV Repairing Common Question to become Technician

TV Repairing Common Question to become Technician

Hello, guys today here in this post I will tell you 10 LCD LED TV repairing common questions to become a TV technician. If you want to become a successful TV technician you must have knowledge of there 10 common LCD LED TV problems.

Here you will get electronics-related information, as well as you will get LCD LED repairing techniques. I have to work in the tv repairing field from the year 2017, in this repairing period which experiences I gain from my experiences, I share on this site for free of cost. So this site will help you a lot to become a successful and professional TV technician. To know more about 10 LCD LED TV Repairing Common questions to become Technicians follow the below instruction and click on that.

10 LCD LED TV Repairing Common Question

Now I am going to discuss about most common questions about LCD LED TV repairing common question. Just scroll down and read the information about repairing information.

1. LCD LED TV Panel can Be Repaired?


This is the most common problem in LCD LED TV. There are have lots of different ways to repair LCD LED TV Panels. But if your Tv panel getting physical damage, it is not possible to repair your TV panel. So the final answer is YES it is possible to repair the LCD LED TV panel if your TV panel not damage physically.

2. Crack and Damage TV Panel can be Repaired?


If your Tv panel gets damaged and cracked physically, then the answer is NO. there is does not have any option and way to repair and fix physically damaged Tv panel. In this situation, you have only one option to repair your LCD LED TV, that is panel replacement.

3. TV not turning ON after install New Board

New board installation in LED TV
NEW Board Installation

This is also a most asked question over LCD LED repairing training and TV repairing common question. I have explained one by one in the Belo block, why the TV not turning ON after install the new board. If you also get this problem just follow the below instructions on what you have to do to fix this LCD LED TV problem.

  • First of all check, the mother is working or not, which you have installed on your TV. If your motherboard working properly see the next step.
  • Now you have to do check all the voltages which are needed to run a whole TV. like Panel voltage, Standby voltage, backlight voltages, and other voltages.
  • If you get all the voltage OK, now you have to check the Panel LVDS Cable, It is match with your panel datasheet or not. Because if you do not match LVDS cable according to the panel datasheet, the picture and graphic do not appear on the TV screen.
  • Lst step is you have to check your TV panel, Many times most people do not see the panel voltage during the new motherboard installation process and go thing voltage to the panel and burn the TV Panel IC and damage the panel. So you have to check the panel output voltage on the new motherboard before install in any TV panel.

4. Show White Display on the TV Panel How to fix It?

White Display in LED TV
White Display in LED TV

When any voltage getting missing into the TV panel we will get a white display problem in the TV panel. So if you want to fix and repair this white display problem you have to follow all the instructions on this particular topic. I have written a detailed article on how to repair the LCD LED TV white display problem. just click on the previous link and read all the processes of repair the LCD LED TV white display problem.

5. Getting Sound But not see the Picture on the TV Screen

NO Display Sound OK Problem in LED TV
NO Display Sound OK Problem in LED TV

SO this is also the most common problem and TV Repairing common question. This problem has another name, No Display, and Sound Ok problem. This means if you get sound from your TV buts the picture can not appear on the screen. If you want to the repairing technique of this problem click here and read all the instructions on this particular problem. Also, you can search on the Internet how to repair no display sound ok problem by dip electronics lab.

6. Why we will get the picture on the Screen but not getting Sound?

LED TV picture Ok No Sound Problem
LED TV picture Ok No Sound Problem

Actually, this is a sound problem. To repair this problem you have to apply step by step process which I explain in another post. In that dedicated post, I have given full technique on how to repair LCD LED TV sound problem. Just click on the How to repair TV sound problem and know the technique to repair this problem better way. That article will help you understand better the way to fix the LCD LED TV sound problem with all the required components and required equipment.

7. Getting Color problem in the LCD LED TV

LED TV Color Problem repairing
LED TV Color Problem

This problem we get in the LCD LED TV sometimes. But this is also a TV repairing common question which most of the tv technicians think including me.

To repair this color problem in the LCD LED TV there is only one process for this problem that is LVDS Cable and LVDS Signal.

If all the LVDS Signals do not flow properly into the panel, we will get the color problem on the TV panel according to the LVDS Signals. Actually, LVDS signals work to make graphics and color on the LCD LED TV panel. If you want to know more about this LVDS cable and Signal click here and know everything about these signals.

8. How to Open LCD LED TV Service Menu Code

led tv service menu opening code

I have got almost a thousand messages on this particular topic of how to open LCD LED TV service menu code. So I add this topic in the TV repairing common question. If you also have this TV repairing common question in your mind just read the below block.

Almost each and every TV company motherboard have a different secret number to open the service menu code. Actually, you have to enter some particular secret code on your TV remoted to open the service menu. If you want to know the service menu code of all the TV company click here and download the LCD LED TV Service menu pdf file. I have also written an article on this topic just visit that article and know the secret code of Tv service menu opening.

Also, I have made a practical video on this topic and published it on my YouTube channel. I have attached that video below.

How to Open LED TV service Menu Practical video

9. Why TV does hang?

lcd led tv hang problem repairing
TV hang problem Repairing Technique

In the TV repairing common question, this question I got 2 days back and make video and explain why we get hang problem in the TV and how to fix this problem. this problem we get in the Smart Android TV most of the time because smart android TV run on the Android operating system. And all are you know the nature of android operation operating system while operate android mobile phone. But I have guided you in an article on how to fix the TV hang problem in a different way. just click on them and read that article and fix your Tv hand problem yourself. Also, you can watch the below video which I have attached.

How to Fix TV hang Problem Video

10. LED TV, 4K TV, Plasma TV would be the same Repairing process?

4k tv repairing technique explain
4K TV Repairing technique

If you looking for the answer to this question is Yes or No you are wrong. because all the electronics device have their own logic card and own logic board, which id instruct that particular device. But that logic board and card working technique is the same according to the electronics circuit.

The developer design the logic board to drive a particular electronics device by using the electronics circuits technique. In that view all the electronics circuit repairing technique and repairing process is same, not only LCD/LED TV, 4K Tv, and the Plasma TV.

So the main thing is you have to learn how to trace and track the electronics circuit and find the damaged components on the logic board.

I have written a complete article on how to track and trace electronics circuits very easy way very soon. If you want to get a notification of this post just subscribe to this blog through email.

Message for You: I hope all the 10 LCD LED TV Repairing Common Question will help you to become a successful TV technician. If you have any queries and questions on LCD LED TV Repairing Common Question, just drop your through on the below comment box. And if you have any LCD LED TV Repairing Common Question in your mind just comment down below, I will update you question in this post.

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FAQ on LCD LED TV Repairing Common Question

How do you fix TV problems?

This s depends on your TV problems. Because in a TV we make many different types of problems from different components damage. So, first of all, you have to find out the types of problems with your TV. Here in this post, I have explained many LCD LED TV Problems and their repairing technique. Click here and visit this site to get more information.

How long does it take to repair a TV?

It totally depends on the technician. If damaged components have in your shop or in your home, It takes 2 to 3 hours to repair a TV. If you want to learn different types of TV problem repairing techniques, visit our site.

Is LED TV repairable?

Yes, it is able to repair LED TV for specific problems. And which problem you should repair of LCD LED TV, you can check out our site to get more information about LCD LED TV repairing technique.

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