What is DIP Switch Full Working Technique and Settings

What is DIP Switch Full Working Technique

DIP means DUAL IN LINE Package and DIP Switch means Dual In Line package switch, which is used for circuit ON-OFF purpose. So here in this post, I will explain everything about DIP Switch in the below block.

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All are you know about the application of electronics switches and also know all of you the reason to add switches in electronics and electrical circuits. If you do not know the application of switch see below and click on the below.

What is DIP Switch

DIP Switch

DIP Switch is a small size Dual in Line package switch, which is used to change the operation of the electronics circuit. Actually this switch for signal and voltage ON-OFF purposes. Most of the time this small size switch use as a jumper. When you want to do connect and disconnect the computer and other peripheral devices in your circuit, in that situation help us to do that job very easily and we do not have to do connect and disconnect the circuit manually.

What is a DIP Switch Used for?

application of dip switch

This is a leading and most use e switch in Medical Equipment, Electronics Equipment, Instrumentation, Industrials Circuits, Audio-Video circuits, and many more places use these switches in a different way.

This switch available n the market with different poles. Like 1Pole, 2Pole, 3Pole, etc. This means which pole you need in your circuit, you will get that switch in the market.

See the below image to know about Dip Switch Polls quantity examples.

Types of DIP Switch

what is dip switch full information

There are lots of different types of DIP switches available in the market. But the most common and the most popular switches types are Slide, Rocket, Piano, and Rotary. All these four types switch most of the time used in the circuit and many places.

What is DIP Switch Full Working Technique and SettingsThe Slide, Rocket, and Piano type switch working process and manufacturing structure almost the same. You can see these switch picture in the above picture. And these switches use for ON-OFF and Single-Through Contact purposes. Just see the side picture for a better understanding of three different types of Switches. As I was told you these three types of switch are the most uses and most common switch.

Rotary type Dip SwitchAnd the Rotary type DIP Switch structure and working process are different according to the Slide, Rocket, and Piano type Switch. This Rotary type switch use for multiples electronics peripherals and electronics circuit contacts. You can see the picture of the Rotary type switch on the right side.

Poles Of Dip Switches

I have attached a picture in the below block, where you can see the differnt numbers of switch poles.

dip switch poles

Settings of DIP Switches

This is very simple to connect DIP package switches in the circuit. For your better understand I have made a visual image and attached it in the below block. Just scroll down and see the settings of DIP type switches very easily.

DIP Switch working principles

How to work DIP Switch?

DIP Switch working process

This is an Electromechanical switch single pole single through which is mostly used in electronics operations purposes. This switch working process is the same as general-purpose switches, Bur the structure is different. See the below image and know the working process and working principles of DIP package switches.

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