How to Repair LCD LED TV Hang Problem at Home Unique Technique

How to Repair LCD LED TV Hang Problem at Home

Hello guys today here in this post I will tell you how to repair and fix the LCD LED TV Hang problem. I will give you two different technique to fix you LCD LED TV hang problem. If you really want to know the tv hang problem repairing process, read this post till the end.

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To know the technique of repair LCD LED TV Hang problem, click on the below image and follow step by step.

What is LCD LED TV Hang Problem

When a TV lasts a very long time, we face stuck on booting problem as well as we get hang problem in LCD LED TV. When a Tv lasts a long time, the main IC (Processer) getting heat as well as the memory IC getting full, for that reason we get this hang problem.

This problem we get most of the time in Smart Android TV. Because a Smart Android TV run with android operating system.

When we get Hang Problem in LCD LED TV

Read the below information very careful nd know the actual cause of getting Hang problem in LED TV.

  • When a TV Lasts a very long time you will get a hang problem in your TV.
  • When you install many applications on your TV, that time also you will get hang problem in your TV.
  • After lasts your TV for a very long time, the TV memory IC getting full, for this reason also you will get to see hang problem in your TV.
  • If your main IC (Processor) getting overheat, then also you will get to see a TV hang problem.
  • If your flash file getting damage and getting any error then also get a hang problem in your TV.

How to Repair LCD LED TV Hang Problem

TV hang problem repairing technique

Now I am going to tell you how to repair the LCD LED TV Hang problem with two unique techniques. If you want to know those unique techniques see the below information. I have explain the Hang problem repairing technique according to the Hang problem in the TV, which I explain in the above block.

1. Reset The TV

  • The first step and the first technique is to repair the hand problem reset the TV.
  • Go to Recovery mode of the tv and reset that tv, your hand problem will be gone after that.
  • I have published a video on this point on my YouTube Channel. Visit my youtube channel and watch that video.

2. Install and Flash New Software

If you do not understand the above technique, follow this technique and fix your TV. This is a very simple process according to the above technique.

  • First, download the software from our site according to your TV model number.
  • After that flash that software in your TV.
  • After completing the software flashing process, your Tv will be work very well.

If you do not know the software flashing process. then click here and know the software flashing and installation process in LCD LED TV.

And if you have any kinds of questions and doubt about this LED TV hang problem repairing technique, feel free to comment down below. I will replay to you within 2days.

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How to Repair LCD LED TV Hang Problem

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