What is Microscope and Why need it during Repairing

What is Microscope

Welcome back guys today in this post I will tell you what a is Microscope and why need it during repairing. Because this is the most important tool for electronics repairing work.

All are you guys know I am a professional electronics technician and I have an electronics shop. Where I do repairing activity in my repairing shop from the last 3 years. And I have knowledge about repairing tools which is need during repairing. This is one of them.

Specially when I track and trace electronics circuit, this microscope help me a lot. Whiteout this tool it is very hard to trace the electronics circuit. So click on the below image to know more about what is Microscope.

What is Microscope?

In my opinion Microscope is an electronic device that is used for zooming the object. You can call it an electronics tool also. Basically this microscope use for magnifying purposes.

You can zoom through the Microscope as much you can according to the quality of your microscope. If your microscope is able to zoom 1000x you can do it by your microscope. Different types of microscopes available in the market with different range of zooming capacity. It totally depends on you what range Microscope you need to purchase. So you understand what is microscope

Why microscope need during Repairing

As all are you know about electronics circuits and electronics SMD components. When we repair any PCB or track any PCB track, we need to know the accurate track details and components placement. But in the open eye, it is not able to see properly because of the small track and small size of electronics components. For zoom that PCB circuit track and know the actual number of SMD components, we need the Microscope.

Types of Microscope

In my opinion, there are two types of Microscope available in the market according to the working experience. One is the Optical Microscope and another one is Digital Microscope. I have explained these two microscopes one by one in the below block.

Optical Microscope: This optical microscope mostly uses for research purposes in the clinical labs. When any scientist research any virus and bacteria, that time this kind of optical microscope used to zoom the object.

Digital Microscope: Most of the time Digital microscopes use for repairing purposes. When we repair any electronics Device’s circuit, that time we required a Digital Microscope for zooming the circuit and the components. Using this tool we see the circuit track and the components value.

Almost every Digital Microscope has a display to see the zooming object. If displays not get with the microscope then you have to connect an external display, like Monitor, Television, etc.

Tips for You: I think you understand what is a Microscope and why a Microscope for repairing works. If you need to purchase a Digital Microscope see the below list of all the microscopes, which is recommended by Dip Electronics LAB. This is the meaning of what is microscope.

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My Microscope Recommendation for Repairing Work

Auslese™ 50 to 1000x Magnification Endoscope Digital Microscope

What is Microscope and Why need it during RepairingWhat is Microscope and Why need it during Repairing

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Microware G600 600X 3.6MP 4.3 inch HD LCD Display Digital Microscope

What is Microscope and Why need it during RepairingWhat is Microscope and Why need it during Repairing

Buy Microscope

As always all are you know, If you have any kind of questions and queries on your mind about what is microscope, just drop on the belo comment box.

Microscope FAQ

Why is it important to have both eyes opened when using the microscope?

when you see any object using optical microscope, you have to use you both eyes to better understanding. I have explain everything about microscope, just visit and read all the information about microscope.

microscope service and repair near me

To repair you microscope you can visit our service center. We have repair every electronics gadgets.

Why are lenses in a microscope important?

It is very important because, when you repair any circuit and sonder any components below the microscope lens, the smoke will goes into you microscope lens and damage your lens.

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