How to Repair LED TV Broken Panel

Repair LED TV Broken Panel

Here in this article I will discuss How to Repair LED TV Broken Panel. Broken panel and crack panel is the same problem. If you get crack and broke panel on your TV read this article. Because this article will help you to give actual information on How to repair an LED TV Broken panel and how much cost will charge for repaired broken crack LED TV panel.

Before going to repair any LCD, LED, 4K, Plasma, Flat Screen, or any other panel you have to check which actual place id getting crack or brock. because there are have lots of places to get broke and crack relate problems ON the TV. And Repair LED TV Broken Panel

If you get crack on your TV Screen, read this article very carefully before buy a New TV. This post will help to give right information to repair your TV broken and crack panel.

Process of Repair LED TV Broken Panel

First of all, you have to find which type of crack and broken problem appears on your TV panel. After that, you have to repair the crack panel according to the problem.

Broken panel and Crack panel is a physical damage, which is most of the time does not able to fix or repair this problem. But is there have a 5% chance to fix and repair a broken pane.

  • First Process: Many of the LCD LED, 4k, and Plasma TV pane has a safety glass on the screen. For crack this glass you will see a vertical line, Horizontal line, dark screen, Half Display, Spot in a panel, etc. All this will possible to repair If you have a safety glass on your panel or TV screen, otherwise you have to follow the below step or process.
broken panel

In the above picture you will see the panel broken problem. This broken panel has a 5% chance to fix and repair.

  • Second Process: The 2nd process is Replace broken panel with a new one. If you have branded LCD LED and plasma TV and unfortunately broke your panel I recommend you replace the panel with a new one.
How to Repair LED TV Broken Panel

When you decide to replace your TV panel, go to a good and professional LCD LED technician. Because to replace and change the TV panel I will take lots of practical experience.

I am a professional LCD LED technician and I have TV panel replacing experience. If you want to watch my Panel Replacement video tutorial go to my YouTube channel there have my panel changing video footage. If you did not find my video tutorial, don’t worry I will give you that video link below of this post. Watch that video and know how to replace a TV panel professionally. And Repair LED TV Broken Panel.

Message for You: This message for you, If you get broke all the entire section your panel don’t repair that panel. So I would like to tell you to change your TV panel with a new one. And don’t Repair LED TV Broken Panel.

Can a broken LED TV screen be repaired?

There are have only 5% chance to repair LED TV Broken screen. Read this post for more information.

How much does it cost to fix a broken TV screen?

It is depends on you TV panel size. Here in India we charge for 32 inch panel repairing ₹3000 to ₹4000 rupees.

Is it worth fixing a cracked TV screen?

It is better to replace your broken panel with a new one. If you repair by technician It will damage or not working problem will come in within few days.

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  1. Good day Sir, I am a electrical contractor as my profession and a part time technician at this time of pandemic.Sir can I ask a favor if you have any idea or price to replaced the broken or crack LED panel 50″ 4k. The LED TV is 50″ COOCAA Brand Model no. : 50S6G. Or where can I purchached the panel. Any other suggestion I appreciate.. Thanks a lot AND GOD BLESS.

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