How to make Mini inverter Circuit at Home

Hello, guys today in this post I will tell you how to make mini Inverter Circuit at home. I will give you everything that you need during the 12v to 220v Mini inverter at home with a proper guide.

After reading this post you can easily make a simple inverter at home which gives you 10 to 12 hours of backup with a 12v 7Ah battery and 12W LED bulb.

I personally use this mini inverter at my shop. To make the mini simple 12v to 220v AC inverter at home, just follow the below instruction.

12v to 220v AC home made inverter

All Required Components to Make Simple Mini inverter at home

SL NOComponentsBuy Link
1IRFB7545 MOSFET – 2pcsBuy
21N5408 Diode – 2pcsBuy
31N4007 Diode – 1pBuy
4150E 0.25W Resistor – 2pcsBuy
53.3k 1W Resistor – 1pBuy
633k 0.25W Resistor – 1pBuy
7CD4047 IC – 1pBuy
8104J Capacitor – 1pBuy
95k POT – 1pBuy
1012-0-12 transformer – 1pBuy
1112v BatteryBuy

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Simple Mini Inverter circuit

simple mini inverter circuit 12v to 220v ac

All Steps to Make Mini Inverter at home

Step 1

First of all, you need to collect all the required components, which I mentioned in the above block.

Step 2

After collecting all the components you have to connect each other according to the mini inverter circuit. I have attached the mini inverter circuit above this block. just follow that simple inverter circuit diagram.

Step 3

After completing the connection of all the components, you need to attach two different head shink with the IRF7545 Mosfet for overheating.

Step 4

In step four you have to connect a 12V battery minimum of 7ah to get the proper 220v AC output. Before connecting the 12v battery with the homemade mini Inverter you have to connect a center tap transformer to get the 220V AC output.

Step 5

In the final step, you have to connect the load up to 80W with a 2A transformer. You need more power on the output you have to connect more Amp transformer.

Watch Video to make Mini inverter Circuit at Home

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FAQ of making Mini inverter at Home

How can I make a small inverter at home?

It is very simple and easy to make a small inverter at home. You just need to make an electronics circuit with some electronics components. In this post, I have shared the full process with making mini inverter at home with circuit diagram. You can follow those steps to make a simple and easy inverter at home.

Simple inverter circuit diagram 12V to 220V

simple 12v to 220v inverter circuit

To get the Simple inverter circuit diagram 12V to 220V visit our site, here in this post I have shared the Simple inverter circuit diagram 12V to 220V

How to make inverter at home PDF

To get the pdf file of the mini inverter circuit just visit our site and download the homemade inverter circuit pdf file for free.

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