Security Alarm System using vibration Sensor Circuit Diagram

Hello, guys in this post I will tell you how you can make Security Alarm System using a vibration sensor. if you think to make a vibration-based security alarm system, read this post till the end very carefully.

this project you can use in CAR, Bike, Home Door, and other places where you need. this is a very low-cost and high-impact alarm system. Even you can modify this project according to your need. Because in this post I will give you everything to make this project possible. just scroll down and know everything.

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Materials to make Security Alarm System

SL NoComponentsBuying link
2Vibration SensorBUY
3Micro USB ShocketBUY
6Vero BoardBUY

Security Alarm System Circuit Diagram

Security Alarm System using vibration Sensor

Security Alarm System CODE Download

//                  +-\/-+
// Ain0 (D 5) PB5  1|    |8  Vcc
// Ain3 (D 3) PB3  2|    |7  PB2 (D 2)  Ain1
// Ain2 (D 4) PB4  3|    |6  PB1 (D 1) pwm1
//            GND  4|    |5  PB0 (D 0) pwm0
int Buzz = 3;
int vs =2; // vibration sensor
int i=0;
void setup(){
  pinMode(Buzz, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(vs, INPUT); 
void loop(){
int vib = digitalRead(vs);
  if(vib == HIGH)
    digitalWrite(Buzz, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(Buzz, LOW); 
    digitalWrite(Buzz, LOW); 

Download Code

Watch Video on making Security Alarm System

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