Tools Review

Best Magnifying Lamp for Repairing

best magnifying lamp

Hi guys, Today in this post I will tell you which is the best magnifying lamp for repairing work. If you looking to buy the best and perfect magnifying glass with LED Light, this post is for you. This post I personally write to those people, who want to start …

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Top 10 LCD LED Repairing Tools List

lcd led repairing tools list

This is a second article bout LCD LED repairing tools list. If you want to know the first article means the first 5 tools list CLICK HERE. Because here I start to discuss from NO 6 tolls. All these tools I personally in my lab except Bonding Machine. If you …

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LCD LED Panel Data Reading Cable

panel datasheet making

Panel data reading cable is the new LCD LED repairing tool. So today here in this article I am going to tell about the application and using process. The main application of this cable is reading panel data reading. The advantage of this cable is very appreciable. I have used …

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Best soldering Iron for Repairing


Best Soldering Iron for Repairing Soldering Irons I am an electronics technician and I use lots of soldering Iron with different company’s. So today in this post I am going to tell you the best Iron for electronics repairing from my experience. Before that If you want to learn to …

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