Best soldering Iron for Repairing

Best Soldering Iron for Repairing

soldering iron for repairing
Soldering Irons

I am an electronics technician and I use lots of soldering Iron with different company’s. So today in this post I am going to tell you the best Iron for electronics repairing from my experience. Before that If you want to learn to repair work click here and learn how to repair any electronics appliances.

First of all, you need to know some basic information to choose the best Iron. The information is like what type of repair you want to do. SMD components, DIP package components repairing or some other type repairing it depends on you. If you want to watch video content click here and watch Best soldering iron according to your work.

There are many types of soldering Iron and station available in the market. It depends on you which you want to buy Soldering Station or Soldering Iron. I will suggest only 5 irons which I used and also using till now in my LAB.

Top 5 Soldering irons which I Used

  1. Soldron Soldering Iron: My first choice is that SOLDRON irons. This is the best and chip irons in the Indian market. I use this company’s irons from the last 8 years in my electronics life. I have almost all the latest models of this company like 25w, 35w, 50, 75w, 100w, and also have a good quality stand. You can use this company’s irons in every place where you want. Like SMD package, DIP package, at High temperature and low temperature. My personal Iron of this company for small DIP package circuit repairing is that 25W. If you want to but Soldron company’s Irons simply click here.
2. MusTool MT223 60W: This is my 2nd favorite Soldering Iron according to my experience. This is a chines company’s iron. The performance of this iron is very wonderful. I using this Iron from the past 1 years till now. It is an adjustable 60W iron. You can adjust the temperature according to your need. Also, you can change the bit with very little time. Because you will get 5 different size bit with this iron. If you want to purchase this Iron click here

3. TONI Soldering Iron: Toni is an Indian company which is made many types of soldering iron like Soldering Station, Iron, DC Iron, LED Iron, etc. with various different value like 8w, 15w, 25w, 35w, 50w, 75w, 100w, etc.

If you want to purchase this Irons in bulk contact with this company. Also, you can visit their main office address mention in the below.

Below 2 Irons I was buy only for experiment

4. KS-60R 60W: This soldering Iron I use very less working field because this iron has a different type of bit. I have purchased this iron from the local market with almost 125 Indian rupees. You can buy this iron from Amazon also. If you want to purchase online click here

5. SIRON 60W: This Iron I only use in for big and wide wire soldering. Because this SIRON Iron has a big and wide bit which is helping me to solder wide wire. If you looking for an Iron for wide object soldering you can buy this Iron. I mostly recommend to you, If you have a budget buy Soldron company’s Iron. This Iron I bought only for experiment purposes not for work. If you are a professional technician do not buy this Iron.

So the guy I explain a total of 5 no of Irons which you help to choose the best iron for your work. If you have any kind of question about Iron feel free to comment down below.

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