LCD LED Repairing Technique

LCD LED Repairing Basic Technique

lcd led repairing technique
LG 32LB5610

Well all are you want to know the basic LCD LED repairing technique. If you want to do this job only as a money-making job then you can not get success in this field. But if you do this job as a profession and as well as a money-making job, you will be successful in this field.

Today In this post I will tell you which information you must know for repairing. It is not dependent and effected on repairing work how much educated you are. Repairing work fully depends on your working experiences and your skills. It is necessary for all the electronics technicians to have skills. if you have a skill you can convert your skill into the experience and get success in repairing field.

Now here in this block I will tell you about my previous post. If you not interest simply scroll. I have already posted a 20+ post about LCD LED repairing. If you want to read those posts click here and go to repairing the post page. And if you are interested to watch video content with practical repair work click here.

Basic Information for LCD LED Repairing Technique.

1st Technique: First is that when customers reach you and got tv for an LCD LED Repairing Technique from the customer ask some questions. Ask these questions and know where and how to get the problem on the TV. The questions is like

  • What is the Problem?
  • How long this problem has been happening?
  • Did anyone hit on the panel? (for panel problem)
  • How long time has been stay at your home after damage the TV?
  • You had shown anyone else for the LCD LED Repairing Technique?
  • Take a minimum of 3 to 5 days for repair.

2nd Technique: The second technique is that when you open any LCD LED TV see everything very carefully. If you see any damage or abnormal mark that. Because many times we get fault while open the TV. For example Capacitor blast, IC burn, Cable Open, Cable Open, etc. This type of problem we find during open the TV.

3rd Technique: The third technique is that, If you get any damage components or damage cable while open the TV. You have to replace it with a new one It is very simple. If you do not get any physical damage point on the tv then It is very hard for a new technician to find the actual fault. Now in this case first of all learn about all the LCD LED problem and their solution. And start tracing according to the customer data, which you get from TV owner. You can check my previous post to learn about LCD LED all problem and the LCD LED Repairing Technique process as well.

4th and Last Technique: The Fourth and last technique is that. If you can not find the problem or If find the problem but can not get that component. Simple buy a new board and replace it with the old one. This repairing technique is called Card Level LCD LED Repairing Technique. And if you know the modification technique then you will call a pro technician and your work will be chip level repairing. Ok

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