TV Panel Repairing without Bonding Machine

TV Panel Repairing without Bonding Machine


I know you are all want to know. Does it possible to repair an LCD LED panel without a bonding machine? Many experienced technicians doing this type of job. Before I discuss this topic. I would like to tell you IF your panel COF IC has physical damage. Then you are not able to repair Panel without Bonding Machine.

Good News guys now I am going to tell you the actual process of TV panel repairing without bonging machine. I already published video footage of on this topic on my YouTube channel. If you want to watch those videos click here.

Only these problem you can fix without Bonding Machine

  • All types of Voltage missing problem.
  • Components damage problem.
  • Short Circuit problem.
  • LVDS Signal Missing Problem.

All the above problems you can fix without Bonding Machine. Now more question have in your mind How we can fix these problems. I will tell you the process for these problems repairing. Follow the below steps.

Voltage missing problem: Many times the voltage was missing in the panel or panel PCB. For voltage missing problems we get any problem in the panel. Like Abnormal picture, Negative picture, Slow motion picture, White display problem, etc. Their problem we face for voltage missing in the panel or panel PCB. If you want to know more about the TV panel problem click here and know detailed information.

For repairing of Voltage missing problem follow the below steps:

First Step: Find out the missing voltage from Panel PCB of Panel scalar PCB.

Second Step: After finding the missing voltage you have to identify why getting voltage missing.

Third Step: Which voltage you getting missing provide that voltage there. Your Problem will be fixed.

If you do not know the value of voltages, Click here and know the voltage value from my blog post. As I tell you earlier many repairing articles I already published on this site. And as well as on my YouTube Channel.

Components damage problem: This is a very simple process to fix Components damage problems. First of all find the damage components and replace them with a new one or with an equivalent  one. And the installation or replacing process is quite simple. Just remove the damage or bad components from the PCB and place the new one. that’s it.

Short Circuit problem: We getting the shorting problem in the panel for Over Heating, Over Voltage, Water Damage, and moisture. This is the very complected problem in the electronics circuit. In the panel if you get any short circuit problem. first make sure the problem is half shorting or full shorting. After clean the PCB with thinner and do some heat with a heat gun. If your problem not fixed and check all the components one by one. and remove the short by components replacing. This problem similar to component damage problem.

LVDS Signal Missing Problem: For this problem we get RED, Yellow, Green, and abnormal picture problems on the panel. If you face this type of problem first clean both side of LVDS cable. If not fixed change the LVDS Cable. After changing the cable if not repair check which voltage is missing. If you find any missing voltage simple repair that tracks doing the modification. And I already post a particular post on how to modify any kind of electronics circuit. If you read that click here.

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