Why I Use HDMI microscope over Stereoscope for repairing

Repairing microscope

Hello and welcome guys, Today in this post I will tell you why I use HDMI Microscope over Stereoscope in my repairing lab. So if you are an electronics technician or you want to become an electronics technician, read this post till the end.

All are you know about today’s technology. Day by bay our technology is developing and making smaller. For that reason components also making smaller. And when we are going to repair any SMD PCB we did not see the small components in the open eye. And for professional work, we just need a good quality Microscope with a big display. To know more about Why I Use HDMI microscope over Stereoscope for Repairing, read the below information.

All the below information provides the best on my personal experiences.

Benefits of HDMI Microscope for Repairing

  • Easy to use and very comfortable for microsoldering. this is the main reson Why I Use HDMI microscope over Stereoscope for repairing.
  • You did not need to see the PCB, you just need to see on the display, which you have connect with the camera microscope.
  • You will connect the display according to you need and space.
  • Recoding options also available.
  • For all the avove reason you didn not feel any back pain.
  • Also you did not feen any problem in you eye ratina. When we solder any components without microscope and with Stereoscope microscope, most of the time solder smoke enter in our eye and we feen eye pain. So if you have a HDMI camera microscope forget all the pain feelings.
  • The best advantage of the HDMI microscope is cover big area by using boom stand.
  • If you install the HDMI microscpe with BOOM Stand you will cover big area. because BOOM stand is rotaing in a specific big area. You can see vieo tutorian on the youtube on BOOM Stand.
  • In the otherside if you install BOOM Stand in Stereoscope you will get many pronlems diring see over the Stereoscope.

Conclusion: So I have explained in the above block Why I Use an HDMI microscope over Stereoscope. The main reason to choose an HDMI camera microscope is Comfort. But your choice may be different. Because everyone has a different choice. So this is my opinion over Why I Use HDMI microscope over Stereoscope for repairing.

I hope you like this information. Still, if you have any kind of queries regarding this camera microscope just comment down below, I will reply to you within 48 hours.

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FAQ on HDMI Repairing Microscope

How do you connect a microscope to a TV?

It is very easy to connect a TV with a microscope. If you have a digital camera microscope, just connect the microscope with the help of an HDMI or VGA cable with the TV. For more information read this post.

Which is the best microscope for mobile repairing?

Just buy an HDMI camera microscope. This kind of microscope is the best for chip-level repairing over SMD PCB. I personally use an HDMI camera microscope for the SMD PCB repairing in my LAB.

How much does a microscope cost?

You will get a microscope starting from ₹2500. But if you want to buy a microscope for repair, buy a camera microscope. I personally use an HDMI camera microscope which is very good for any kind of micro repairing. My microscope price is ₹17500 with all the accessories.

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