Top 10 Useful Parts for LCD LED TV Repairing

Useful Parts for LCD LED TV

In this post, I will discuss the Top 10 Useful Parts for LCD LED TV Repairing. If you are a TV technician this article will help you to know about LCD LED TV repairing important parts

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Useful Parts for LCD LED TV

1. Universal Normal TV Motherboard: 

Top 10 Useful Parts for LCD LED TV Repairing

This is the most important LCD LED part for repairing to every LCD LED technician. We use this universal TV driver card in LCD LED TV when we did not get the original TV motherboard from the market. This card we use only up to the 32-inch panel. Because this type of universal card works properly up to 32 inch TV panel.

You can buy this card from your local Electronics shop at a very cheap price. The actual price of this card change frequently. But in my opinion the online price of this card is a little bit high. We sell this card for ₹900 Indian Rupees. You can buy this card by click here for Indian Customer and Click here for Global Custome

2. Universal Android Board:

android tv card

This board also acts as a Universal normal TV board. But this board has Android Operating System. This card we use to convert ant Normal LCD LED TV into Smart LED TV. Then the installation process and working process are the same but we get smart function in this universal Smart LED TV card.

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3. Universal LED Backlight driver:

backlight driver for tv repairing

This LED TV part helps us to drive the LED backlight when we get difficult to fault in the original backlight driver section. As well as when the original backlight driver section gets fully burned because of the short circuit or the over-voltage, That time we install this for the driver the LED Backlight.

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4. Universal Inverter Card

lcd tv inverter card for tv repairing

This card is similar to the Universal LED backlight Driver. But this inverter card we use in the LCD TV for the driver the LCD TV CCFL Backlight. This card is also a universal inverter card. Because you can install this any size of LCD TV. But make sure Universal Inverter card maximum output voltage before installing inside LCD TV.

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5. Universal Power Supply Unit (PSU)

mini universal power supply unit

This PSU helps us when we will install a Universal motherboard in the LCD LED TV for doing power to the motherboard. When we install this power supply unit inside the LCD LED it will take less space. This is the most important advantage of this power supply. Also, have a backlight output port to drive the backlight. After all this power supply unit has lots of advantages when you repair an LCD LED TV.

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6. Mini Audio Amplifier Kit

amplifire kit for tv repairing

Audio amplifier lit also is a most important part for LCD LED and CRT TV repairing. If you get any sound and audio-related fault in the TV you will repair the problem very easily using this Amplifier kit. To install this kit you have to do is connect the Input audio signal and do a power supply according to the kit driver voltage and after that connect the speakers on the output site of the audio kit.

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7. Mini LED Backlight Driver

mini backlight driver

This mini LED backlight driver we use when we convert LCD TV or LCD Monitor into the LED TV or LED Monitor. This LED Backlight driver we get at a very cheap price in the market and the installation process is very simple. Most TV technicians use this mini LED backlight driver to convert LCD TV or Monitor into An LED TV or Monitor. So this is also is a most important part for LCD LED TV Repairing.

8 & 9. Buck Boost Converter

buck boost converter for tv repairing

Buck-Boost Converter also is the most important and most popular part of the repairing field. Not only for LCD LED TV Repairing you can install this Buck-Boost Converter anywhere in the electronics circuit for voltage increasing and Decreasing.

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10. Mini Fixed Buck Converter

mini buck converter for tv repairing

So, in my opinion, these are also very useful things and very useful parts for any kind of electronics repairing field. We will use this mini buck converter kit to drop the particular voltage. We get 1.2v, 1.5v, 1.8v, 2.5v, 3.3v, and 5v fixed voltage from the output of this mini buck convert. And this mini buck convert is available in the market at a very cheap price.

I hope you guys enjoy this post. If you have any queries on your mind about this post, you can do leave your message on the comment box which you will get in below this post.

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