3 Easy Ways to FIX LED Panel RED GREEN BLUE Problem

Hello, friends today here in this post I will tell you to fix LED Panel RED GREEN BLUE problem in 3 easy ways. If you want to know those 3 easy steps to repair and fix the LED TV panel burning problem read this post till the end.

All are we know we RED GREEN and BLUE problem also known as the burning problem. And have 3 reasons behind this red green and blur problem in the TV panel, which I explain in the below block.

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TV red green blue screen

First Step to Fix LED Panel RED GREEN BLUE Problem

If you get this panel burning problem because of remote input, This means during remote operating such as service menu and unfortunately, you enabled burning mode, then you have to do the below steps.

  • Open the main power cord and make sure you Tv is in totally OFF position.
  • Now you have to connect the power cord with your main AC line.
  • When you TV have is Standby position press and hole thr power button of your TV upto 15 sec.
  • After do this process you TV burning problem will be fixed

Second Step to Fix LED Panel RED GREEN BLUE Problem

If you get a panel burning problem without remote button pressing or you have installed a new universal motherboard in your Tv and get this panel burning problem. Then you have to do the below steps to fix your problem.

  • Check you LVDS cable it matched with the panel datasheed.
  • If your LVDS cable is matching with the panel datasheet but still getting the burning problem, replace the LVDS cable witrh new one.

Third Step to Fix LED Panel RED GREEN BLUE Problem

After applying all the above steps and still getting the panel burning problem because of new universal motherboard installation in your Tv, Then you have to follow the below instruction.

  • If your universal motherboard support remote code to matching the panel resolution, then set the panel resolution through the remote code according to you panel resolution.
  • If you universal¬† motherboard does kt support remote code for panle resolution maching, the install panel resolution firmware through the USB Pendrive or universal programmer such as RT809F.

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FAQ on LCD LED TV Panel Burning Problem

TV Flashing Different Color how to fix?

TV flashing different cooler this means you Tv facing panel burning problem. To fix this problem you have to follow simple steps, which I explain in this post.

Why is my TV screen green, red and blue?

Your TV screen showing green, red and blue. This means on behalf of a TV technician your TV facing a panel burning problem. If you want to fix this problem read this article and fix your problem by yourself.

TV red green blue screen?

If you see red green blue color on your screen, this means your tv facing with panel burning problem. I have explained in this post how you can fix the red green blue screen problem 3 easy ways. So read this post and repair your TV problem

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