Gold-20E Module Circuit for Vice Power 3.3v & 5V

Hello, guys today in this post I will tell you about Gold-20E Module Circuit. this module we use for vice power supply modification. This module helps you to modify the 3.3v and 5v vice power of LCD-LED tv SMPS. We personally use this module for 3.3v and 5v modification purposes.

Gold-20E module specially made for easy to repair purposes and helps the technician. This type of power module helps us to lot during SMPS board repairing. To know more about this module like what is the installation process and circuit. just follow the below information.

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Gold-20E Module Circuit for Vice Power 3.3v & 5V

Gold-20E Module details

Gold-20E (Within 36W use) Vice Power: 3.3V 5V special use. This series of modules is specially developed for repairing the secondary power supply damage repair of LCD TV/LED TV and liquid crystal display. It can be used up to 36W with maximum power and is easy to repair the sub power supply of the LCD power supply board. With the advantages of small size, simple installation, and full intelligent use, it is a major change in the maintenance of LCD LCD TV power supply in the maintenance market.

Connection of Gold-20E Module Circuit

Gold-20E Module Circuit for Vice Power 3.3v & 5V

Welcome to use!

a. First check if the +300V DC power supply voltage is normal, confirm that the switching transformer and secondary peripheral components are normal, and then enter the following operation after confirming that the load is not short-circuited.

b. First, remove the MOS tube or thick film IC on the power board of the original machine, and find the appropriate place for the module to be insulated and insulated. (Because this module does 3.3V or 5V sub-voltage use power, the actual power is not large, no special heat treatment is required)

c. Press the picture to break the cross in the actual circuit, and connect the color lines of the module as shown in the figure. It must not be connected incorrectly. It can be turned on after repeated verification. Remember! Remember! Do not extend the module leads or it will affect normal operation.
Norrington of each lead connection:

Gold-20E power supply module Features

  • Gold-20E
  • Load Capacity 36W
  • Use in Sub Voltage
  • Output Capacity 3.3v and 5V
  • Mostly used in Vice power 3.3v and 5v
  • Easy to install
  • Chip Price
  • Good working efficiency

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FAQ of Gold-20E power supply module

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