7 Important Tips for Universal Board Install in Any LCD LED TV

 Important Tips for Universal Board Install in Any LCD LED TV

Hello and welcome guys, today in this post I will tell you about 7 Important Tips for Universal Board Install in Any LCD LED TV.

If you want to install a universal motherboard in your LCD LDE TV, this post will help you to do your job very easily. Because without knowing this information, If you going to install the universal board in your Tv you will face many problems. Even you can lose your TV panel for overvoltage.

So it is better to know all the secret information before installing any kind of universal motherboard in any LCD LED TV. Just read and follow all the below instructions step by step.

7 Important Tips for Universal Board Install

1. Panel Voltage:

TV Panel voltage

Before start installing any universal board in an LCD LED TV you have to check your TV panel voltage. this is the most important point to know before universal board install. Because if you set higher voltage by mistake, your TV panel will be burned within a second. So make sure to know panel voltage with the help of Panel Datasheet before connect with the universal motherboard.

2. Panel Resolution:


This Is the second most important point for install a universal motherboard in any LCD LED TV. If you install any universal board in any LCD LED TV and if you do not install or set panel resolution, you did not get any picture on the TV screen. Even sometimes show the abnormal graphics on the TV panel. So make sure know the panel resolution with the help of the panel datasheet.

3. Panel LVDS Connection:

panel lvds connection


After knowing the Panel voltage and Panel resolution now you have to know the panel LVDS connection. If you do not know about LVDS cable and how to match it, then read the below article and know all about LVDS cable.

4. Panel LVDS Type:

tv panel lvds type

After knowing the LVDS Signals Connection, you have to match the LVDS cable according to your TV panel and Universal Motherboard. In my opinion, you can buy a Universal to you TV Panel type LVDS cable from the online or offline market. In the market, you will get lots of different type of universal LVDS Cable.

5. Find Suitable Universal Motherboard:

suitable universal tv card

After know all the panel paramiter now you have o file suitable universal motherboard for the Tv panel. In the marker have many differents types and differents number LCD LED TV Universal motherboard. But you have to choose best and suitable for the panel. In the market you will get universal mothetboard with power Supply section and backlight section integrated, which motherboard we called Combo universal motherboard. In the market we also get onlu motherboard.

Only motherboard means Universal motherboard without Power Supply unit and Backlight section. So you have to choose which type you want to intall in your TV.

6. Power Supply:

universal power supply for lcd led tv

All are you already know about Powr supply. But when you going to install universal motherboard at that time you have two options on power supply. If you install Universal Combo motherboard in your TV then you do not need to install trhe power supply. Because in combo motherboard already has power supply section. But if you install U11 type unobersal boarda then you have to insatll a power suction also.

7. Backlight driver:

backlight driver for lcd led tv

Each and every LCD LED TV need backlight Driver to drive the backlight section. So when you install universal board in any LCD LED TV in that time you have to install a backlight driver section also.

Wait wait let me explain If you are goint to install a Universal combo notherboard the you do not need to install backlight driver seperately. Because as I already told you in combo board alread has backlight driver section. And If you are going to install U11 type universal board, as well as install a seperate universal power supply, then also you do not need to install a seperate backlight driver section. Because many universal powersupply has backlight section aslso.

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FAQ on

How LED TV panel connect with Universal board?

To connect any panel with the universal board you must know 7 important points which I explain in this post. If you want to know the process of installing a universal motherboard on any LCD-led tv read this post till the ned.

How can I check my LCD TV main board?

To check your motherboard you have to do is, Connect your motherboard with the motherboard tester tools. If you do not have a motherboard tester you can do it with the help of another tv panel. just connect the panel with your motherboard.

How do I connect my universal LCD controller board?

To connect your universal LCD controller board just follow the 7 steps which I explain in this post. After reading these 7 steps you will be able to install any universal board in any LCD LED TV panel.

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