How to Repair LED TV Power Problem

LED TV Power Problem

Hi, All Technician Welcome to my blog. Today in this article I am going to tell you How to repair LED TV Power Problem step by step. If you looking to LED TV power problem repairing information this is the right place for you. Because here you will get all the techniques to fix and repair any LED LCD TV power problem.

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What is Power Problem?

When an electronics device did not give any response and acts like dead, that means the device getting a power problem. Power is the source of energy for all types of electronic devices and gadgets.

There are have lots of causes to get power problems in LCD LED TV and other electronic devices.

To repair this power problem of LCD LED TV you have to follow the below information step by step.

Repair LED TV Power Problem

Now I am going to discuss how you can repair the LED TV Power Problem step by step. Just follow the below steps.

  • First Step: First of all you have to check your extension power board with a multimeter in which you connect with your TV to provide power. If you get AC 110v to 250v power on your extension you have to follow the next step because your Extension board is OK.
  • Second Step: Now you have to check your TV power cord it is OK or not. To check the tv power cord you have to do very simple steps. Take a multimeter and select on continuity mode.

After that do shore on side of power cord and another side of power cord test with your multimeter. If you get beep sound it is good otherwise your power cord is in bad condition.

In this situation, you have to replace your TV power cord with a new one. If you get the same POwer problem in your TV after replace the power cord then you have to follow the below step.

  • Third Step: If you come in this step that’s means you have to repair the power supply section. This is the last step to repair the TV power problem. When a huge amount of voltage comes on the TV at that time voltage directly comes into the power supply section and a TV power supply handles a maximum 450v AC signal. If the voltage amount more then AC 450v the PSU will be burned instantly and get a power problem.

I have already written a full article about How to repair an LED TV power supply. If you want to read that article click on the below-Highlighted topic.

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