How to Repair Morpho Device

Repair Morpho Device

Hi, guys today in this post I will tell you how you can Repair Morpho Device at your home. If you looking to get information about Morpho Fingerprint repairing this post is for you. Here you will get complete Morpho Fingerprint repairing information step by step.

Before I tell you the Morpho device repairing technique I would like to tell you about our service. Here we will share Electronics Gadgets repairing technique with step by step guide. If you are an electronics student or if you are using any kind of electronics device this site will help you to fix your device after getting any damage. So click below for getting repairing technique.

What is Morpho Device?

Morpho is a fingerprint scanning device which is used for doing AADHAAR Biometric authentication.

If you link your AADHAAR No with your bank account and you want to withdraw money through AADHAAR authentication that time this Morpho device will help to verify biometric identity.

Repair Morpho Device Step by Step

Now I am going to tell you the actual repairing process of Morpho Biometric fingerprint scanning device in the below of this block. Repair Morpho Device.

  • The first step is if you get any error problem form your Morpho Device, check all the basic functions. like OTG Cable, RD Service plan, RD Service App update or not, Your Money Withdrawal app is updated or not, etc.
  • If your RD Service app and the money withdrawal app is not updated then update first and check again you function work or not, If not work follow the below step.
  • After doing all the above things and still getting the same problem then you have to change and replace your USB cable with a new one.
  • To change USB cable you have to purchase a NEW USB cable from Amazone (Click here to Purchase).

  • After getting deliveries now open your Morpho device and remove old USB cab and install NEW USB Cable inside your Morpho Device.
  • Afte replace USB cable It will work properly.
  • USB Cable installation Video I will add in the below of this block. Scroll down and watch that video to install a NEW USB cable, after that successfully Repair Morpho Device.

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