INNOLUX M185BGE Panel Voltage Details with Actual value

INNOLUX M185BGE Panel Voltage Details with Actual value

Hello, guys today in this post I will give you INNOLUX M185BGE Panel Voltage details with actual value. If you face any problems with INNOLUX M185BGE Panel and you need voltage details, This post is for you.

All the below voltage details of this INNOLUX M185BGE Panel I personally measure in working and good panel. SO you can believe this information without any hesitation.

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Now let’s talk about INNOLUX M185BGE Panel Voltage.

INNOLUX M185BGE Panel Voltage Value

SL NOVoltage NameVoltage Value
3VGL_AA1– 5.6V

INNOLUX M185BGE Panel CKV Voltage Value

SL NOCKV Voltage NameCKV Voltage Value
2 CKV22.7v
3 CKV32.6v
4 CKV42.6v
5 CKV52.6v
6 CKV62.6v

NOTE: All the above voltage I personally measure in working and good condition panel. I repeat this line twice because you need to know where I get this voltage. To see the voltage measurement footage you can check the video tutorial on my YouTube channel. I have attached the video tutorial below of this block. Just scroll down and see the video.

Watch Video on INNOLUX M185BGE Panel Voltage Measurement

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